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Monday, January 24, 2011

Auburn Continues it's Restoration of Southern Black Churches

If you are a honky then chances are you can never understand the role of the barber shop or the church in black communities in the South. If you are a Yankee-honky then don't even try least you suffer a mental break-down.

In the South there are a few organizations driven by white people that try to get involved in the culture of the black churches and help them to grow as beacons of the black community. One group that comes to mind is the Southern Poverty Law Center. It would now appear that you may now add Auburn University to that list.

Our boy over at the Leather Helmet is reporting from the Saturdays Down South site that Ray Drew is now favoring Auburn in his recruiting race.

Drew is seen here in front of a church (maybe his own). In case you didn't know Drew is an ordained minister and apparently preaches on Sundays. While most believed that Georgia had the inside track to Drew it now appears that Auburn and there long standing tradition of funding the costly renovations to black churches in the South are now the front runner.

It was about this time last year when Missy State had the inside track to the son of the Honest and Upright Rev. Cecil Newton. However, since they are all such raging racists in Starkganistan and didn't want to put a few hundred thousand in the old offering plate they lost out. "We don't want to fund their hate whitey meetings" is what Dan Mullen probably said. Then when all seemed lost Auburn rose above the racism of their conference mates and said Jim Crow Laws (or NCAA rules) be dammed we are in this thing to raise people (and trophies) up.

So everyone just shut-up talking bad about Auburn. They can't help that you are all racists. Drew may hold out until Feb. 2nd to give his decision at the request of Auburn because February is black history month but you probably didn't know that did you? Racist!

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  1. Whasup my Ninjas!! I'll leave it to ec to address you callin' him "boy."

    You see, this is where Mark Richt just doesn't get it with all his missionary work in Honduras. Now if there were some 5-star defensive end prospects down there, or 5-star dual threat juco QBs, things might've been different the past couple of years.