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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Auburn's Future Lies Within the Content of an Upcoming Indictment From the Justice Department

We have a contact with a certain bank that has close ties to the Southeastern Conference and we are told that this is the official word on what is going on with the Auburn pay for play scandal.

Colonial Bank based in Birmingham, AL failed in August of 2009. The chairman of Colonial was Bobby Lowder who is also on the Auburn board of trustees. It is widely held that Lowder is the puppet master of Auburn's BOT and is the man who had Bill Muse removed as AD. Lowder is also the man who interviewed Bobby Petrino while T-Tubs was still under contract.
In 2008 Colonial made an application for TARP assistance. At the time Colonial's regulators required the bank to raise $300 million before it could receive an additional $550 million in TARP. Colonial provided the regulators with fradulent proof of the $300 million. After the bank failed the Feds learned that the $300 million had been raised fraudulently. In truth Colonial had only raised $150 million and when the Feds learned this they launced an investigation against an unnamed Colonial Executive and a Florida based mortgage broker name redacted for creating the deception in the books.
In 2009 the FDIC seized Colonial and sold its assets to BB&T, and began an investigation into all of Colonial's operations. It is believed that in the course of this investigation the FBI has found overwhelming proof of Auburn supplying the parents of football players with loans of which they were not required to pay back. It was also learned that Colonial bank had set up special accounts that were linked to ATM cards that were then issued to Auburn players giving them access to funds provided by boosters.
It is expected that in the next few weeks the Justice Department will had down indictments on Lowder and a number of Colonial executives over the TARP fraud. Now here is Auburn's problem. If the indictment specifies about the loans and the ATM linked accounts the NCAA will have no choice but to launch a full scale investigation. These actions, if true, dwarf the Alabama scandal of the 2000's that left Bama one vote shy of the Death Penalty.

If true Auburn will test the alleged "SMU Rule" that no other program would ever get the DP. Mike Slive is bracing for this and has apparently informed Auburn that the Conference can do nothing to help. This makes us wonder if Slive and the SEC offices have been tipped off that the pay for play scandal will be named in the indictments. Behind the scenes on all of this it would appear that Slive has been in negotiations with the NCAA to hand down a punishment that would leave the Auburn National title in tact while stripping Newton of his Heisman. The negotiations would also keep Auburn from the DP and in turn prevent Slive from having to consider removing Auburn from the SEC. This is especially important for Slive who is nearing the end of his time as SEC commish and is looking to make one more big move to cement his legacy as Commish and that move is expanding the conference to 16 teams. Slive has apparently been planning the move for a few years and almost let the PAC-10 and Big-10 beat him to the punch. With the current Texas Network mess going on in the Big-12 Slive is waiting to pounce on A&M and maybe Oklahoma as well (however there is no interest in Oklahoma St and if Oklahoma balks over that issue the SEC will move on). The Texas Network was a point of contention this past summer and the remaing members of the Big 12 were assured that it would not happen if they would not leave the conference. It now appears that Texas is moving forward and A&M (who feared this all along) has never fully broken off talks with the SEC. If the Texas Network happens and Auburn avoids the DP expect Slive to make an offer to Virgina Tech and North Carolina as well which would reach the arm of the SEC into the only three of the original eleven Confederate States without an SEC reresentative.


  1. "Behind the scenes on all of this it would appear that Slive has been in negotiations with the NCAA to hand down a punishment that would leave the Auburn National title in tact while stripping Newton of his Heisman."

    The NCAA has no control over the Heisman. None. Zero. Zip. Nada.

  2. -Doug

    That is true the Downtown Athletic Club would make that decision. However, their decision would be based on the NCAA's investigation. I don't know if all of that is 100% true but what I was told was that Slive has been doing all that he can to prevent the stripping of the National Title and may encourage Auburn to come clean about Newton because that story already has legs and they are thinking that if he is stripped of his Heisman and Auburn takes serious penalties then they can avoid having the Championship taken which would be Slive's goal. Essentially Slive wants the NCAA to hand down a ruling similar to what USC got which resulted in Bush giving up his Heisman.
    The main point of all of this is that if what most people think is in the indictment comes out the Auburn will be in far deeper than USC was with Bush, Bama was back in the 2000's. It is as bad if not worse than SMU.

  3. I generally enjoy your posts and believe in the essence of this post; however, there are errors which diminish its message. Colonial Bank was headquartered in Montgomery. Lowder lives in Montgomery. Muse was the president of AU, Houze was the AD. Both were likely removed by Lowder. Lowder supplied the Colonial Bank jet for the trip to Louisville but did not make the trip. He sent a couple of lackeys, including one former football player and the AD at the time. Colonial had a subsidiary which dealt in commercial properties, something like an REIT which I believe may have been headquartered in B'ham. Slive is in this thing up to his arm pits. He will come out with no glory in my opinion. Sorry about posting as 'anonymous' but I am not real good with this stuff. Keep up the interesting column.

  4. If Auburn was paying players to the extent that is alleged and a Board of Trustees member was behind it, then Auburn won't keep the title. They will be lucky to keep their football program.

  5. No way Auburn keeps the MNC if this is true. The NCAA doesn't even control it, the BCS does. Slive will be done and gone once this news hits the airwaves because he is a conspirator to allowing Auburn to continue playing guys who had questionable eligibility issues.

  6. CC, what happened? Did the Dawgbone ban your blog? lol

  7. -Andy

    Well there will be more to come on that question but the short answer is yes we have been banned by the Dawgbone.
    It appears our negative coverage of Richt is single-handedly tanking recruiting for the Dawgs...I'm sure getting beaten by South Carolina, Missy St, Colorado, and UCF in the same season had zero affect and it is all our fault.

  8. If all of this is true, Auburn is the Charles Manson of cheating college schools and deserves the death penalty. Remember SMU got the death penalty because they were caught and continued to cheat. Supposedly, Auburn has continued to act just as it did after its last two run ins with the NCAA.

    While losing its football program is bad enough, Auburn is in danger of losing its accreditation as a University if the allegations of booster influence on academics is true. It would be the second time in 10 years. If this were to happen, the SEC would have little choice but to let them go.

    If true, I do not think they keep anything. However, my Auburn friend says there is nothing to it until they prove it.

  9. Andy and CC-
    I'm sure it was banned because Dawgbone gives links to Georgia Bulldog websites and blogs. This crap doesn't qualify. I did enjoy this post...but as Anon 10:16 pointed out, your facts are wrong as usual therefore defeating the purpose of reading this garbage. Making up stuff doesn't make it true! War Damn Eagle!

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  12. But...what if it is somewhat true...it wouldn't surprise most auburn fans either.

  13. Rogue individuals that have ties to Auburn (such as Boosters) but are not officially part of the Auburn program may be causing trouble...again.

    It almost seems unfair to blame any university for what an individual outside of the orginization does.

    It would certainly be interesting if, say, a Bama supporter decided to become an Auburn Booster and pay players on the side, all the while maintaining detailed records, video and audio of each transaction.

    At the right moment they could then destroy the school's program. Sounds like a good book to me...

  14. I believe in Auburn. I do not believe any of this. Get your facts straight...Remember, the truth always comes out! Why have the Coaches decided to stick with Auburn??? You got your few seconds of fame, now move on!

  15. Well I have to admit that as a Georgia blog we wrote this and kind of just forgot about it. As we checked the stats this morning I see that we have been introduced to quite a few of our brethern in the State of Alabama.

    Let me start by saying that this post was a combination of two discussions that I had with people that I believe to be very valid sources. The info about the Auburn end of the post came from a bank executive in Atlanta and the part about the SEC's invovlment we got from a source in Birmingham.
    Now if we have a mistake in terms of which city a bank is headquartered I wouldn't be surprised but I don't think a minor detail discredits the spirit of the story. I do agree with one Anon however, the truth will come out in the wash.
    If you read our blog further than this story you will see that we are realists and have stated that people shouldn't dog pile on Auburn because everyone in the SEC pays for players that is just the nature of the beast. However, I must disagree with the Auburn fans who want to pretend that there is nothing at all to these charges. Something happened and if it is named in the indictment there will be trouble for Auburn.
    Now we don't want the DP or a stripping of Auburn's NT because that will hurt the entire SEC and as Georgia folk we don't want the SEC to take a hit.
    One Anon also points out that the coaches stuck with Auburn...in truth the only one who really has a lot to lose in this deal is Malzahn because he is really the only one that other programs may want to look at as a HC. That said the Auburn fans really have no choice but to stick with the program and circle the wagons. Unlike here in Georgia where there dispute over the coach this is a problem that involves the entire program. Every fan of the Auburn Tigers have no choice but to stick with the program and we get that.

    Hope y'all enjoyed the post and please feel free to read more.

  16. Colonial wasn't "in cahoots" with the mortgage broker as your blog implies. It was the mortgage broker that packaged worthless loans and sold them TO Colonial. Bobby Lowder may be the devil, but in this particular regard he was the (foolish) victim. It was those worthless loans that Colonial bought that left the bank insolvent. The NY Times already reported all of this (accurately, no less) over 9 months ago.

    And explain how a bank that collapsed a year before Cam's arrival at Auburn somehow issued him an ATM card? Chronology's a bitch, ain't it? This article shouldn't even be about Cam. At best it's about all the other nameless superstars that AU has supposedly bought (did ya catch the sarcasm there?). So why even reference Cam, his heisman, or the NC if it's chronologically impossible for this to be tied to him. Even if the ATM allegations prove true, it wouldn't concern the 2010 season. So why would Slive do the things you cite in your article if there's no NC or heisman on the line? If the NCAA approaches Slive and says "we have proof of pay for play in 2008", why in the hell would Slive start "negotiating" to keep the 2010 heisman and/or NC? It's simply illogical. Put plainly, I call bullshit!

    The truth is, this whole situation is a consipracy theorists dream. Crazies with a keyboard have conjured up all sorts of crap and then cite each other as valid sources. The indictments are always "two weeks away" (this story was first broken in Novmber 2010, by the way). Bloggers employ logic when it suits their needs and then ignore it when it doesn't. I have yet to find someone explain WHY Auburn would pay a player when they KNEW another school (MSU) was aware of the misdeeds. Either way, poor journalism like this has already doomed Auburn. If they are found guilty, "I told you so" will be the headline on every blog. If they aren't found complicit of anything, bloggers will just claim that it was covered up to protect the SEC or the NCAA. It's lose-lose for Auburn.

  17. AU's big problem, is the demise of CNB. They haven't stopped the payoffs they have had to modify the methods. The same puppeteers are still pulling the strings. Problem, the vast network of Colonial made it almost impossible to find. With the inner workings of CNB exposed for all to see the stench rising from this mess will be unbearable for AU fans and smell like "Victory" for the rest of the SEC. The Branch Bovinian cult will smoke like Waco.

  18. u all a bunch of nuts. there is nuthing, not nuthing about lowder, auburn no where in the the damn!!! investigation. so quit posting this shit CCRIDER!! YOU ARE FULL OF SHIT .. PROVE TO ME WHERE IT IS!!!