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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A-CC PD on search for another athlete....

Have you seen this man? Athens-Clarke County Police want to question him about a brutal assault he made on Chris Barnes from behind. They questioned 3 witnessses at the scene of the crim, all who happened to be wearing black and white striped shirts last night, but unfortunately all were also severely vision impaired and without their glasses, or perhaps legally blind. If you do see him, be cautious. He's fat, used to be much fatter so probably hungry, as well as being extremely ugly, and he looks like an angry asshole. His name would have been included in the APB, but it is believed to be an alias he stole from the other 17 professional athletes named Brian Williams.


  1. Saw him interviewed on ESPNU after the game and Williams actually seems like a really nice kid. If Barnes had just gotten his arms up, no way Williams can make the play. Our two Senior big men, Barnes and Price, are playing more like Frosh. They need to get it together if we are going to make The Dance.

    Never had a good feeling about this one. We couldn't stop UT from making plays when we needed to and didn't have guys step up when they went out of their way to take Thompkins out of the game.

  2. Hey, can you write another article about how we are a basketball school. Thanks.

  3. Anon @ 10:23
    I said coming into the year that C would be the biggest question mark. Price can't rebound to save his life and is inconsistent at best. Barnes hustles, but is height challenged, has stone hands, and just isn't very skilled.

    Anon @11:27, just wait, we are slowly becoming a basketball school, and the transformation will be much stronger by year's end and complete within a couple years. Fox is building something special.