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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Damn....Tarkenton Keeps It Really Real.

Not to beat a dead horse but, damn Tarkenton keeps it really real. I know my colleague CCRider already did a post on this but I feel the need to do one as well.
I feel like Fran Tarkenton read my mind and was saying everything that I would say if someone cared to put a microphone in front of my face.
Frans Problems include, but are not limited to..........

1. That CMR is too vanilla
2. Georgia's football program is not rooted in reality
3. Richt's Press Conference is indicative of being out of touch with reality
4. Richt is "copping out" when he said that he has not had enough time to study football

Fran even goes as far as to point out that we have gotten good recruiting
classes in the past but we have nothing to show for it....hmmmm....sounds
like Fran has been reading S&G. The time is nigh....Fran is with us...
Richt-o-philes that convert now will be shown some mercy.


  1. Wow, so Fran is now peddling on his infomercial the "Richt O'Blast"! It sliced him, diced him and chopped him into sausage making pieces.....nice and Groovy Fran, just Groovy.

  2. Oh crap sandwich.......your Richt-O-Phillia is flairing up again. Taking shots at a Georgia legend because he attacked Richt.

    I also think Mr. Walker has had some questions you want to fly into him for his MMA career?

  3. The Mark Richt Apologists will not convert because they put Richt ahead of the Dawg Nation. They don't care about the Dawg Naiton's pride,integrity and character, just Mark Richt.

  4. No No CC, you got it wrong. I bought the product.

  5. Fran just said what has been mentioned for years on the chat lines. Finally someone in the arena who actually had success in the big leagues tells the whole world what is going on in the program. Hopefully, this will force the coaches to get the players in shape. Why do you think Pollack was texting that certain players should watch what they eat and work out more?