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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Drew Saying No To Georgia? Is Clempsun Cutting Checks?

Ray Drew has posted on his facebook page that he will not be attending the University of Georgia

Drew says he will "shock the world" and he was just up in Clempsun on a visit. Could it be that Clemspun will land the stud DE?

In case you aren't well versed in Clempsun history the Tigers football program was founded in 1896 by Walter Riggs who came over from Auburn. In fact Clempsun is just a huge rip-off of Auburn in every way. They are basically the same school except one has a lake and the other doesn't. Both are Tigers both have orange and I'm not sure if Clempsun went with purple to begin with or if they originally had navy. In fact Clempsun stole everything from Auburn except for calling their stadium Death Valley they stole that from LSU.

Following in the "we do everything Auburn does" mold Clempsun may be breaking out the check book to land recruits. Well there is no maybe to it Clempsun has been paying kids for years

"Hey CJ Spiller you want to come to a beautiful campus with other black people, great facilities, and beautiful women, or do you want to go to a cow pasture that doubles as the nation wide Klan meeting place?"

You can't hire this guy after firing Tummy Bowden and still land top recruits! People are going to start to ask questions boys.

Of course as we have already pointed out Auburn is in it until the very expensive end

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  1. He may not have shocked the world but I guess he shocked you, huh?