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Monday, January 10, 2011

Georgia is now a basketball school

With much respect to Dean Legge on the photo and caption, notice is being served (although not in the context of how he meant it). Notice is served that the University of Georgia is now a basketball school, dwell on that for a little while Richt-o-Philes, and let that fact sink in before you start defending the beloved, $3,000,000 Reverend Richt. The best coach named Mark in Athens, is a Fox. And while you may think all we do around here is bring the pomp and circumstance of a Macho Man Randy Savage, or the bombast and brilliance of the American Dream Dusty Rhodes, every now and again we do a little cold blooded sausage making. So here's some fun with numbers proving why Georgia is now a basketball school, and that transformation will just get deeper after this season and next.

Since DJ Shockley left town, Georgia football has 0 SEC titles. Georgia basketball has at least 1, and the Fox Hounds seem much more likely to add to that total this season or next compared to Richt's runts.
Georgia football is 1-4 against the marquee program in their division, Florida, over the past 5 seasons.
Meanwhile, Georgia basketball has gone 4-6 against Kentucky, the marquee program in their division, over the past 5 seasons.
Against SEC divisional champs the past 5 seasons, Georgia football has gone 0-7, while at least Georgia basketball has 2 victories over teams that either won, or tied for the lead, in the SEC East or West over that same time frame (the majority of the time being led by the worst coach in college basketball).
Over the past 5 seasons, Georgia has a losing record to the Chicken Penii of South Cackalacky (2-3) in football, but not in men's basketball (4-4).

The transformation into a basketball school has begun, and is nearing completion. Notice has been served Greg McGarity, that if you want football to remain the top dog in Athens instead of letting Georgia become a basketball school, it's time for a little cold blooded sausage making.


  1. We're 3-2 vs. South Carolina in our last five in football. Wins is - '06, '08, '09. Other than that, I absolutely love the site.

  2. this is the dumbest post I have ever read.

  3. Oops. One mistake, still, hoops is surpassing football now. And another year next year similar to this one, and it'll be complete.

  4. 3-2....but yea. Fox has a chance to turn UGA into a dynasty if he stays (the Coach K of UGA)

  5. This is the best example of how frivolous and fickle blogs are. We win one big game and all of a sudden "we are a basketball school"?? This Wednesday if we lose (or any game we lose from here on out) there will be blogs saying 'fire Mark Fox'. I absolutely hate you bloggers and how your BS writing (not journalism) is based on absolutely nothing other than your BS opinion. There is no journalistic value to what you write. And some how you get leverage because you have a blog. I LOVE CMR! CMR, don't listen to boys who blog. You're the best and after we win the National Championship next year, every blogger will be saying how they were behind you the whole time...

  6. I see that 8 people voted in your poll below. Nice.

  7. Thanks faggot we had no idea how many people had voted or how many followers we have. How many do you have your self-rightous douche sniffer.

    CCRider Says Via Samdizl

  8. Poll? We have a poll on here? I had never known until you said so anon @ 8:34. Shows how apparent the thing is, and since one of the sites admins didn't even know, I doubt any readers have noticed it either.

    And anon @ 6:48,
    you have little more than your opinion to claim we'll win a national title next year too, with absolutely no backing to base that on. My opinion, is based on clear, indisputable evidence of a program in decline (despite having loads of talent at DB, LB, DL, QB, WR, OL, etc), vs. one on an obvious upswing. Basketball for UGA is a "sleeping giant" as Bear Bryant termed Florida football back in the day. And Mark Fox has awoken that giant. Feel free to come back and post a mea culpa when basketball wins multiple SEC titles before football's next one, but for some reason, I assume you posted anonymously so you can hide like a scared toddler when your "prediction" (which you don't believe by the way, you're just running off at the mouth to sound big) proves completely and totally false. Just like the jerkoff from last week that tried to blast us for saying Rich Rod was gone before he was officially fired.

  9. winning one game is "indisputable evidence"? Oh. well you just made my point then. thanks.

    p.s. i'm anonymous bc I don't have domain names, or websites or whatever you nerds call it.

  10. You can still enter a "name" anon @ 8:41, whether you have a website of your own or not. And no, it's not just one game. He beat top 25 teams last year, with a decimated roster coming off the debacle of Felton. He's already won at Tech this year, something their beloved Hewitt has never done (win a game in Steg). He's recruiting great, he's never made a mis step or misquote with the media, and he's actually got his players performing and trying. To steal a line I read on another blog yesterday, I hope Richt, his coaches, and his players at the game (considering most all of them were) took note on what it looks like for a Georgia athlete to actually play with passion and show a little effort, since they've clearly forgotten how to do so.

    Just wait a few more months, and see if you want to claim "one game" as all I'm going on. Just cause you can't see what's cooking doesn't mean others can't.

  11. To reiterate, the "one game" is just what has Richt-o-Philes possibly pulling their head out their rectums. The rest of us, especially those that have followed Georgia hoops for a long time, can smell what the Fox has been cooking, and it's gonna be good. Meanwhile Richt is over on the football side picking out the groceries like he's always done, cooking the food like always done, and somehow wondering why it keeps tasting like uncleaned chitlins.

  12. perhaps something is "cooking" and I hope it is. My point is that many fans, bloggers, etc. or so fickle its ridiculous. One big game, win or lose, creates a love hate relationship. Yes UGA football has been in decline but it was great under CMR far longer than its been in decline. As such, I will continue to be loyal to CMR and believe he can make it better again because he has already proven himself. perhaps something is cooking with uga football too after this decline. what was AU's record last year? Mark Fox does appear to be a great coach, but I'm not basing it off of one game and a few past substantial victories. One game/and or season does not make us a basketball school. we have been bad too long to correct that with one potential season.

  13. Anon @ 10:00,

    I've been on the Mark Fox bandwagon since he arrived. I loved everything he's said since he arrived, and have been impressed with his production both recruiting and on the floor coaching. It might be one game/season to the general public, but not here. We've been paying attention on this front for a lot longer than most Georgia fans. They didn't get notice we had a basketball program until Saturday. But like with most things, S&G is ahead of the game here.

    Also, incorrect on CMR. He arrived in 2001, we peaked in 2005, and have been on the decline since (2007 provided a half season boost covering some of the ineptitude, as you may recall the first half of that magical season looked an awful lot like the last 2). That makes 5 years of decline vs. the initial 5 year rise. So "far longer" would be a gross inaccuracy in describing Richt's tenure.

  14. on the decline since 2005??? Who are you people?? since when is going to the surgar bowl (2008) being in decline? Who was the last coach to take us to the sugar bowl prior to CMR??? ON the decline since 2005???

    and don't celebrate S&G so quickly since they will turn their fickle backs on mark fox the minute he starts to have a decline 5 games from now just the way they have turned against CMR. Which again raises my point about the frivolous nature of these bloggs. Just some idiotic opinion with leverage because it's a blog and idiotic "followers" with nonsense opinions and nonsense "facts" (on the decline since 2005).

  15. Sugar, learn how to spell 1:10.

    And yes, on the decline. Remove that hot half a season in 07, where we began sputtering vs. SC, UT, Vandy, and somehow found a spark unlike any we've had in the past 5 years, in part thanks to two top 15 picks playing like top 15 picks.
    9 wins in 06, down to 8 last year and then 6 this year.
    If you remove whatever spark Richt found, and lost, and the two elite picks keeping the offense up enough to cover the crumbling D in 07 and 08, that's pretty obvious we've been in a downward cycle since 05. Remove your head from Richt's rectum, and you could see it too.