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Friday, January 21, 2011

Georgia's Next Head Coach Gets Two Players to Help Rebuild

So we couldn't help but notice every single Georgia blog in the world was reporting that Jay Rome and Malcolm Mitchell both committed to UGA yesterday which is very exciting for Cold-Blooded Sausage Makers and Richt-O-Philles alike.

While we typically don't like to dog-pile on a story I couldn't help but notice it was being mis-reported. I've been seeing stories like

"Richt nabs two big prospects" or

"Richt gets much needed commitments" or

"Richt's dream team hopes still alive"

The story should read something like

"Richt's Replacement get two bricks in the rebuilding process" or

"In spite of Richt-talent still coming to UGA, very exciting for the next Head Coach" or

"The Head Coach of UGA come 2012 will have a few groceries in the pantry"

Have a wonderful weekend Dawg Nation even you Richt-O-Philles.


  1. At what point will you reveal that you began sports and grits so that you could infiltrate DawgNation, gain their trust and then become the leader of the self-fulfilling prophecy makers. You do realize that all your negative comments, while having validity, only serve to HURT the program right? I have my complaints and opinions, but despite my lack of discernment in most areas of my life, even I understand that nothing I say will effect change in the football program at UGA. Why can't YOU see that? I'm sure you are smarter than me? Yet you continue this drivel. IT DOESN'T HELP! Recruits read this.

    So please, either stop writing this crap or come clean that you are really a Techophile or a Gator lover. aghghgh!

  2. The First Amendment guarantees all individuals free speech, so I guess all of you who don't like this so called "drivel" will just have to put up with it or quit reading this blog. I happen to agree with this "drivel". The next guy may have something to build on just as Coach Overpaid had with Donnan's players.

  3. Didn't say he wasn't FREE to write this. . didn't even say i disagree. Just saying it doesn't help, that's all.

  4. If anon 2:28 agrees with it, then it must be worthy. And of course he would use the "free speech" argument/cliche. He must be really smart.

    UpDawg, I agree with you. S&G does nothing to help the program with their nonsense. I'm sure in the beginning they were pro Richt, but now are what they are. Right now the are pro Mark Fox. When we don't make the sweet 16 as claimed in a previous blog comment and continue to do not so great next year, they will say how they have always hated Mark Fox (despite blogs stating we are a basketball school). It's only fitting they take the negative side to our recruits. God forbid if CMR gets any credit. Can't wait to see what S&G is saying in December when we are at the SEC champ. I'm sure they will say they love CMR and how they have been behind him the whole time. In the meantime, they will comment on how we have our heads up CMR's but. For some reason, I keep reading what they are going to say next despite how much I hate their opinions. Guess they win on that.

  5. UpDawg, you make some valid points. I've expressed a few times on here that it's time to wait and see what happens in '11 before we b#$%^ about a new coach. Richt is ours for now, support him whether you like it or not.

    Dawg for life!

  6. One fringe blog has more influence than the AJC and other sports media that has CMR on the hotseat LOL

  7. -UpDawg and Anon@ 2:56

    This just goes to show what a delusional little world Richt-O-Philles live in. Do you really think that recruits wake up every morning and check S&G to gage the state of the program at UGA. I am pretty sure they were able to figure out that there are problems in Athens after GEORGIA GOT BEAT BY CENTRAL FLORIDA. Thinking we have any influence is about as sane as thinking that a coach who went 6-7 and has seen his best players leave the program will some how win in the deepest most difficult conference in all of college football.

    Thank you Anon@ 3:23 for living in reality.

    Once again look around, go to other Georgia blogs, is there anyone like us? No. We fill a nitch, we shoot for humor not breaking news. If you have no sense of humor and/or a corn cob up your ass then don't read us.

  8. Funny thing is, this would be one of the most positive UGA posts I've read on this fly-swarmed pile of blog.

    Sports & Grits, the proverbial sh*t-stain on any new pair of pants...

  9. CCrider, you are small. I disagree with UpDawg. I don't think you are smart at all. I think you did not graduate from UGA. You may have graduated from technical school. I'm actually going to take your advice. I'm not going to read you, because you are dumber than Terrance Moore.

  10. I've never bought any new pants with shit stains. You need to return those.

  11. CCRider - I do not think that recruits wake up every morning and check this blog. . I DO think they can sense the negativity of the fan base when blogs like this pronounce it. Hate using a Tech example, but Stephen Tuitt's mom eluded to the fact that "these kids read what you all say" when folks were bashing him about flip-flopping. I don't think ONE blog will sway him, but when that one blog (supposedly written by a UGA fan) stacks on top of what the other media is saying, I think it certainly has an influence.

    About the AJC, Anon @ 3:23 - I expect the AJC to run reports and write articles about the troubles at UGA, they are reporting on what is happening. What bothers me is when people who claim to be fans of the Dawgs are just killing the folks who are representing the Dawgs at the current moment. If you are a true fan, root for our guys including those leading them. I have my concerns about the program and have conversations regularly with my friends about them - offline in private conversations. To the outside world I am 100% behind this administration, this coaching staff and these players. I may criticize their efforts one game or even during a whole season, but we MUST stick together and root for them to turn it around. If you are hoping we have a bad year so we can get Richt and his staff out of there, it's hard for me to see how you can call yourselves Dawgs fans.

    As far as filling a niche, that's fine. Then you are simply an entertainment blog and not a fan blog. I have enjoyed reading your blog in the past and have found it humorous, but when you turn negative I just don't think it helps the program at all. If you don't like me responding in this fashion, then don't read my response, or don't open your blog up for comment.

    You seem angry that I have challenged your opinion. I am not angry with YOU, i even understand. I just don't think you are HELPING the situation, that's all.

    As Andy said, "Dawg for life! - even if they have a rough couple of years".

  12. -UpDawg

    Not mad at all man. I just think its absurd that we hear the same old crap over and over again:
    y'all are tech fans,
    y'all are hurting the program.

    How is questioning the HC hurting the program. I want the program to win more than 6 games is that hurting it? I want the program to start beating Florida more than once every five years is that hurting the program? I don't want to be in a crappy bowl against a crappy team and I certainly don't want to only score 6 points against that team in a loss, is that hurting the program? Since when is demanding excellence negative? Since when does someone get to do a bad job over and over again and if any one questions it then they are the bad guy? Help me out here UpDawg because I don't get it. I think anyone that wants to stick with Richt is not a true Georgia fan because no Georgia fan can want to keep a coach who has been in three straight years of decline.

  13. CCRider - Questioning the HC does not hurt the program, questioning the HC online for the whole world to see certainly doesn't HELP the program. I want all the same things you want. And if things don't change drastically next year, I will have no qualms about making a coaching change. None at all.

    My point is a fairly simple one i think. You ask if what you are doing is hurting the program, i'm just saying what you are doing isn't HELPING the program. Do you really think McGarity - someone who is PAID to evaluate this program - isn't asking these questions? Do you really think he isn't DEMANDING excellence?

    You said, "I think anyone that wants to stick with Richt is not a true Georgia fan. . ." I see what you are saying. He's obviously got zero ability to coach a team up. I mean he hasn't ever won an SEC championship, he's never had a team ranked in the TOP 10 at the end of a season. He's never won 10 games in a year. No, wait. . i'm wrong. He's done all of those more than once. Yeah, we've slipped the last two years -(Not giving you 2008. 10-3 is not a down year, disappointing, but not down) - and I could list lots of reasons why i think that occurred. But i won't do that.

    Bottom line is we have to be better. And whether you and I agree on who the man is to make us better, the fact is that Mark Richt is the only guy who has a chance to do that next year. So, would you please stop with the negativity and root for the team?!?!??! Why do you not want to root for them??!?!??!? If he doesn't get the job done, he's gone. If he does, then what are you going to do? If we win the SEC Championship, will you be glad? Or will your anger towards Richt and your desire to be right keep you from rooting for the DAWGS?

    I understand your sentiment, i really do. But, while it may not hurt to question, it certainly doesn't HELP to question as publicly and as angrily as you have thus far. I hope you see the light (not the light that Richt should be given a free pass, but the light that he HAS been given one more year to right the ship and no amount of questioning is going to change that) and stop this madness and root for the dawgs.

    Go Dawgs! SEC Champs 2011!

  14. 3 straight years of decline? Come on, man, that's a stretch.

    We were preseason #1 in 2008 but, also so banged-up we were lucky to field a full squad. 2009 we swapped Stafford & Moreno for Cox & King, what were you expecting?!? Last year indeed sucked but, once again, what were you expecting??!? New DC, no AJ, bad running-backs; we were bound to suck to some degree.

    You don't get the girl and save the day every year. If those are your standards as a fan, you are very, very rarely going to be happy with your team.

    Rather than choose to see what's shaping up to be a great future (potential top #5 recruiting class, Murray's sophomore year, etc), you choose to dark-side any positives.

  15. 1st amendment gives people the right to be free from government interference or punishment for what they say. It was never intended, and does not, give people the right to say what they want, with no consequences.

    I could burn your house down for writing this blog, and while I would certainly be in trouble for Arson, at the very least, your free speech rights have NOT been violated by said arson.

  16. You are an idiot and definitely not a Georgia fan. Do us all a favor and go jump off of a damn bridge.

  17. Lost - to # 21 Central Florida 6-10
    Lost - to # 01 Auburn 31-49
    Lost - to # 15 Missy State 12-24
    Lost - to # 12 Arkansas 24-31
    Lost - to # 22 South Carolina 6-17
    Won vs. # 13 Georgia tek 30-24
    Lost - to # 03 Florida 17-41
    Lost - to # 17 LSU 13-20
    Won vs. # 24 Michigan State 24-12
    Lost – to # 22 Georgia tek 42-45
    Lost – to # 01 Florida 10-49
    Lost – to # 06 Alabama 30-41

    2-10 last 3 years vs teams who finished in AP Poll Top 25

  18. If you think you are supporting the program making excuses, you're part of the problem - the major part of it.

  19. I happen to agree with the blog for the most part. CMR has been on a decline since BVG left and Bobo started calling plays. 3 years of decline is not a stretch. Yes '07 was an uptick but coaching still cost UGA. UGA as a culture tends to keep their own boys in longer than they should just as UT did. The only way too avoid this is being vocal. Giving up tix if you are fortunate to have them is not an option considering how long it takes to get back to having the seats you want. The Admin sees the $$$ rolling in and views the program as only needing small changes. Major change is needed.

    Further from what I heard at UK in '09 and the low key atmosphere at UT this year. recruits do not need a blog to see the fan base at best is in a I'll believe when I see it mood. Writers from the AJC to larger sports writers are predicting CMR's failure. The kids may not read blogs but they are on rivals, scout, watch ESPN, and catch articles from the national sources, they know a large portion of the fanbase would not cry if CMR was let go.

    CMR does not live in the world Dooley had in the late 70s. A few recruits could change Dooley's future. High School players were more loyal to their state and their dreams of playing for their childhood dream school. Today Atlanta and the state as a whole is a far more transient area, kids have ties to multiple programs, and dreams of a NFL contract. College is the resume to get that contract and these kids know a scheme change can make or break that dream. CMR with or without the grumbling on blogs faces a very uphill battle.

  20. this blog makes me laugh. a lot. i have been preaching the "sausage maker" mentality for 7 or 8 years.

    everyone can debate about how far UGA has slid or is sliding or how great they are, but it has to be painful (even-especially??-for the richt lovers) to watch a team that flat DOES NOT SHOW UP for at least 3 games a year (even in the "up" years). how does this happen so consistently? coaching. too much fucking god and too much fucking pussy footing around trying not to piss anyone off. we will pray it out on sunday and then celebrate our meiniki car care bowl victory on december 28th.

    UGA is NOT in the discussion for the national championship. in the last 9 title games, the winner of the SEC has gone 6 times. the three times when they didn't?? UGA's two victories ('02 and '05) and when auburn won it in '04.

    top ten recruiting classes that end up out of the top ten (i don't put tons of stock in those rankings, but at some point, you have to see the trend...).

    the fans yell at me every time i complain at sanford stadium (most in my section have come to expect it now and actually appreciate that i have been anti-richt for so long-they are starting to come around). that is the biggest problem with UGA-the acceptance of mediocrity. i am so fucking tired of "waiting until next year."

    the on-field performance is atrocious year after year. poor tackling, the least dynamic offense in college football, no passion, sloppy penalties. the off-field performance is worse. people who think these things don't go hand in hand never played a down of football. all of it is tied up in the face of the program (faces??) and trickles down.

    things have to change. this blog is a start. i really believe that i want more for the program than the "wait til next year" crowd. they are happy with 10-3 and i think that shit sucks for UGA. that is a great season at kentucky or south carolina. it should suck in athens too and really get some fucking sausage-makers angry and motivated.