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Monday, January 24, 2011

Green, Fairley, Dareus, Peterson, Mallett...The SEC to Dominate the NFL Draft....Again.

This man who may very well be the King of all Douches is about to be all up in yo' TV screen for the next few months. At one time I loathed Mel Kiper more than almost anyone in the world. I challenged ESPN to find a bigger douche bag to cover the draft (mistakenly thinking it could get no worse than Mel). Challenge accepted and defeated by ESPN.....Mel now shares TV time with Todd McShay. Todd McShay is not just a douche he is a metro-sexual-faggot-super douche. These two guys and that lispy cat over at NFL network will spend the next few months attempting to bolster certain Big 10 and Big 12 players while cutting down SEC players in hopes of the SEC will not totally dominating the Draft.

Since 2000 the SEC has averaged 40 players drafted per draft. While not always the top conference the SEC is at least second. In years like 2006 the ACC dominated the draft sending over 50 players. The result was that the ACC was the worst conference in the world for the next four years. The SEC will once again send at least 40 players and will still rule the college football world next year.

The big question for Dawg Nation is how high will AJ go. While AJ is certainly a #1 overall talent he may be hampered by the fact that WR's almost never go #1. Expect thousands of back handed comments by McFag and Kiper knocking AJ down.

Ryan Mallett is this years SEC QB that will be talked about as if he is the worst player in the universe by McShay and Kiper. McShay and Kiper no doubt cried in each others arms when Luck decided to stay in school.

Despite what the "Draft Guru's" say here are the positions in which the SEC will produce the top available player:

1. QB- Ryan Mallett, Arkansas

2. RB- Mark Ingram, Alabama

3. FB- Shaun Chapas, Georgia

4. WR- A.J. Green, Georgia

5. TE- D.J. Williams, Arkansas (would have been Weslye Saunders of SC if not suspended)

6. OT- Derek Sherrod, Missy St.

7. OG- Mike Pouncey, Florida

8. DT- Nick Fairley, Auburn

9. OLB- Justin Houston, Georgia (*pass rush 3-4 OLB)

10. CB- Patrick Peterson, LSU

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  1. "...draftet per draft." Huh? Can anyone write? Journalism school anyone? Try "selected per draft."