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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

If It's Grits You Want!

We got a comment for a poster named "thinkingbulldog" pointing out that we rarely discuss that staple of Southern cuisine that adorns the name of our blog, Grits. Point taken.

Now we are pretty sure that when Manna fell from Heaven to fuel the Hebrews as they wandered in the desert it was actually bowls of velvety smooth Grits.....mmmmmmm....God is good all the time and all the time god is good. As Ben Tobertson tells us in his Southern Classic Red Hills and Cotton........."So long as Southerners have their grits."

One reason for why the heathen mongrel hoards of the Yankee hinter-land are such horrible human beings is their total lack of grits. Instead they all eat Oatmeal. Oatmeal is disgusting. It has the texture of a big bowl full of snot and boogers; an issue we covered a few months ago.

As to questions presented by "thinkingbulldog".....cream cheese is acceptable but is right on the line of being a little too Yankeefied. So long as you are not putting sugar on them you should be ok. As far a recipes go.......Here is Momma Riders version.


-Cook your grits in milk if breakfast (chicken stock if making shrimp and grits or any other supper version of grits)

-Add salt, pepper, and butter to taste.

- Add cheddar or American cheese, but shred it yourself the pre-shredded stuff does not melt as well

-Add a container of sour cream (that is the secret to extra smooth and creamy grits)

-Serve hot


  1. What time's supper at Mama Riders?

  2. Those biscuits look damn good too. About the only thing I like better than grits (with cream cheese) is Mrs. Thinking Bulldog's home made buttermilk biscuits with cold blooded sausage gravy.

  3. Dude, I'm trying the sour cream trick in the am! Thanks for the grits tip!

  4. Any other foods y'all wanna discuss? We've got a few cooks on staff, and more than one who's a whiz at cakes and other sweets.

  5. Is it possible for andouille sausage to be made cold blooded? Some sort of shrimp & grits with cold blooded andouille, or a jambalaya with cold blooded andouille served over grits, could be the official blog dish.

    One time at waffle house I saw a kid put syrup on his grits. Is that even legal?

  6. Syrup is made of sugar and therefore strictly a no-no. That kid needed a dose of swift justice Ron Franklin style.

    So long as andouille is unaccepting of mediocrity in football it too maybe cold blooded.

  7. You should have seen how all the Yankees reacted to grits in Basic training. Comedy gold! ...and every one I saw throughout my 8 year Army "career" became grit-converts.

  8. Andouille, if it's from Louisiana, is always cold blooded. Cajuns are crazy, and that's just how they do business down there.

  9. Shrimp & grits with andouille is a four star supper entree if done right. Some brave folks go with it in the morning (not my thing), and there are even restaurants that blacken the grits. That's right - in NOLA, they don't add sugar or syrup to their grits, they add straight up cayanne based creole spices.

    Just this morning, I had boudin over grits, which is a much more appropriate breakfast option.

    I would not suggest mixing jambalaya with grits, however - there are grits dishes and their are rice dishes. Both fine culinary items, together they make as much sense as mixing Dr. Pepper with Coca-Cola.

    Though the Cadillac of Grits breakfast entrees is, far and away Grits & Grillades (GREE-ods). Take your favorite grits recipe, and drop two pounds of browned, spiced and simmered Round Steak on top of it, then slather it in the resultant gravy. Take with a biscuit, hot sauce to taste, and wash it down with some coffee and chicory.

    That's some damn breakfast.