Da' Dream Makin' Cold Blooded Sausage


Friday, January 7, 2011

Look who's coming back for more....

No, not Demarcus Cousins and Patrick Patterson. Like Georgia football players, they done took off for the pros. You probably couldn't tell, but we hate Kentucky basketball fans more than Richt and Pee Pee Dawgs combined. They are arrogant, inbred, hillwilliams who's only value is in three things; beautiful horses, delicious whiskey, and putting together the best basketball program and players money can buy. F' them, their greasy, lying, NCAA probation guarantee of a coach, and their entire families. Travis Leslie is ready to make another ESPN highlight reel.


  1. "greasy, lying, NCAA probation guarantee of a coach"

    but he wins! And this is what I want for a coach!

  2. But he doesn't, at least not, at a championship level. He gets his teams close, but he's never won a title, and only had two Final Fours in 18 seasons.