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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Miles to Michigan = Tressel to be Dominated.

Things are getting pretty interesting in Baton Rouge

LSU will have a few directions that they can go should the crazy train depart for more northern destinations. Bo Pelini would probably be the first choice with Gary Patterson hanging around in second. Pelini has been in LSU before and is considered one of the top defensive minds in the game. However, Nebraska is itself a fairly high profile job that could (should it become Pelini-less) command a great deal of interest.

On the other hand Gary Patterson is quite the sweater and yeller which is awesome. LSU runs the state of Louisiana and already has pockets of east Texas in which it competes. Patterson brings additional Texas ties and has also shown the ability to identify and coach-up "potential" players from the Lone Star State.

Pelini at LSU would be dangerous.......Patterson at LSU would lead to a yearly Armageddon with the Great Satan. Either way the SEC is about to get less crazy but probably better on the coaching front.


  1. Off with his Head!January 9, 2011 at 2:54 PM

    Send Richt the Bitch up there!!! Let him deal with losers.

  2. How any Coach that's successful in the SEC could go to another conference is beyond me. It's like the CEO of McDonalds quitting to become the CEO of Whataburger.

  3. Patterson just signed an extension with TCU through 2018 that pays him $3M. THere are reportedly incentives that add more and there is a substantial buyout. TCU has 5 alumni with T. Boone Pickins type money that are willing to spend and can pay the salary escalation war with anyone in the country. Very unlikely Patterson goes anywhere anytime soon.

  4. I don't understand the title of this post. Miles to UM means Tressel to be dominated?? First, Les Miles has largely been ridiculed for his stupid playcalling and horrendous clock management in games. In fact, he's been mentioned in hot seat talks up until this year (which I disagree with) and he's widely regarded as been a "riverboat gambler" that has just been very lucky with such questionable, risky playcalling late in games.
    Unlike Miles, Jim Tressel has been one of the nation's most successful coaches by playing sound, fundamental, mistake free football. Strong defense, special teams, and clock management.
    Most importantly, Ohio State has a much bigger advantage in recruiting than Michigan, as Ohio is a very, very fertile recruiting state, like Georgia. On the other hand, the state of Michigan has much less in-state talent, making recruiting much more difficult for UM. The Wolverines must try to steal top players from Ohio (both Heisman winners Desmond Howard and Charles Woodson were from Ohio), and UM has to recruit nationally, which is very difficult to do, especially for a northern school with freezing winters. OSU can basically recruit the top kids in Ohio and compete for conference and national championships, much like UGA. I really don't see ANY coach who could come to Michigan and dominate Ohio State, as OSU has the tremendous recruiting advantage over UM, along with a much louder stadium, which also can only help recruiting.
    Les Miles would be an improvement compared to Richrod for Michigan, but to say that he would "dominate" Tressel is totally unfounded.

  5. Dawg in Ohio

    Clearly you know nothing of the powers that Lester the Hat Molester Miles commands.