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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Nevermind Jim Tressell- You May Continue to Dominate the Big Twelvinie with Your Underwelming Brand of Football

Meeeeechigan loves mediocrity as much as Georgia it would appear.

Hoke is the new coach at Michigan/ Victim of Jim Tressell's mind f*#k control of the Big Twelvinie. Meechigan's only hope was a man without out a mind to be controlled...they have chosen poorly.

"Pssstttt....hey there fag-bag.......bet you thought I was going to Michigan but guess what.....punt-a-rooskie, Ninja. I'm here to stay!"


  1. btw all the cuss words, back country jibberish lack of journalistic quality and mindless, retarded opinions based on....well nothing but mindless opinions, I too really love this blog.

    Hey, 8 followers now! BOOYAH!

  2. My one disappointment about this blog is the utter lack of discussion of grits. Nothing but sports, sports, sports, with the occasional sausage reference.

    How about a few recipes? The history of grits? Personal grits experiences? Spirited debate, e.g., the appropriateness of cream cheese? Baseless personal attacks, using harsh rhetoric to create a hostile climate against commenters who prefer hash browns? (damn yankees....)

    This blog is leaving half its game in the locka' room with Loran Smith. "We're in the Georgia locka' room with Powah-ade playah of the game Aaron Murray...Aaron do they have grits in Tampa?"