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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Searles Test

Back when the Dawgs picked up Coach Searles most of us (S&G included) were excited. Searles had done an excellent job at LSU and was thought to be one of the missing pieces in a UGA National Title run. The Dawgs under Richt had been average to bad on offensive line and a solid coach like Searles would fix that and help in recruiting.

Fast forward to last week and as Searles departed for Austin, TX most in Dawg Nation were not upset to see him go. The O-line had continued to be magnificently unimpressive under Searles. In fact the O-line thought to be a strong point going into the abortion that was the 2010 season looked more porous that Sponge Bob Square Pants.
How could a guy thought to be an elite O-line coach, depart a successful stint at an SEC program, and have such a mediocre run while in Athens? We think we have the answer.....Mark Richt. We know you are shocked that we are blaming Richt for something else, but hear us out.
If over the next two or three seasons the Texas Longhorns have excellent O-line play then you will know that it was not Searles but rather the culture in which he was working. At LSU Searles was with a group that obviously takes hard work and football very seriously (evidenced by their 2 National Titles in the past 10 years). Texas has the same type of program, and after a not so stellar season Mack Daddy knows the Longhorn faithful are very different than the Richt-O-Philes and Pee-Pee Dawgs that permeate our fan base. Its win or hear the cries for blood in Austin this year. If Searles goes back to a focused, disciplined, hard working program and has success then you will know that the culture in Athens is that of laziness, and entitlement.
Just look at Willie "Football AIDS" Martinez. He was turrible and he kept his job. Look at Van Horrible his S&C was failing every day and kept his job. In fact you have to under perform a mentally retarded monkey in Athens before Richt will even consider replacing you.
If Searles has success in Texas then we will know that the culture is lost in Athens under Richt.

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  1. How do you expect any OL coach to look good? when... CMB calls what was it 21 of 27 pass plays (against Ark from Blutarsky's blog) from under Center as a play action and S&C has been questioned by various blogs.