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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Searles to Texas....Please,Please,Please McGarity Hire the Replacement Yourself!

The most nagging weakness of the Mark Richt tenure in Athens has been the Offensive line. I say it is the most nagging because when BVG was here we did play hard nose SEC defense. Since Richt took control we have habitually had terrible O-line play. Richt took over in 2001 which means that his first real class was 2002, so the first group of pure Richt recruits to go to the NFL could start in 2005. Since 2005 Richt has sent three O-linemen into the NFL via the draft:
1. Max Jean-Gilles 4th round pick 99 (can't remember may have been a Donnan recruit)
2. Ken Shackleford 6th round pick 190
3. Chester Adams 7th round pick 222

Now O-line coach Searles seems poised to depart for Texas (uhhhhhh...enjoy Texas).

This is a post to say first of all.....Praise God that another one of Mark Richt's horrible assistants is gone and also to plead with McGarity to make this hire himself. Do not let Richt do this. Of all the things that Richt has done to lead us down the current path we are on the most egregious is his horrendous decision making when it comes to hiring assistants.

What we need to do is demote Bobo (of course we can call him assistant HC or some other non-sense but just give him a coloring book and a nice quiet corner to hang out in). Then hire an Offensive Coordinator who knows how to coach and recruit O-linemen. Our suggestion is Paul Chryst currently of Wisconsin. He is a Madison, WI native but with Bielema getting a fat new contract this morning Chryst has to understand that he ain't getting the HC job in Madison any time soon. McGarity could make a back room deal to promote Chryst to HC not if but when Richt is fired after this year.

Of course we could always hire a certain unemployed scourge of the seven seas.


  1. Why would you want McGarity to make the hire. McGarity would hit a homerun with it. You are as Anti-Richt as it gets, so wouldn't you want Richt to make the hire to insure his demise?

  2. Yeah, McGarity! Be more like Al Davis!

  3. Your Anti-Bobo talk makes no sense by any measurment.

  4. I can't find the words. Your mother must be terrified.

  5. CC have you ever felt a woman's breast? Your mother doesn't count.

  6. Your an absolute idiot !