Da' Dream Makin' Cold Blooded Sausage


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sports and Grits Going Mainstream?

Like porn in the mid-70's it looks like the Cold Blooded Sausage Makers at S&G is a goin mainstream. Yesterday was a pretty good day for us: First we got that all important street cred from the Right Nobel Senator over at GTP. Then we was all up in a podcast with more reputable bloggers at the Leather Helmet last night.

"Oh I can't believe it! They done let the cat out da bag, Jack!"

I would try to link to the podcast but I have no idea how to do that so go to the Leather Helmet or Bernie's Dawg Blawg, or the Grit Tree. I must admit it was pretty nice to feel the warm embrace of whitey, but don't go getting any ideas----we ain't turning into Pee-Pee Dawgs or nothing. We'll still be fighting the war on Richt-O-Philia until that glorious day when we are all emancipated from the bondage of mediocrity.


  1. All power to da...uh...sausage

  2. I am thinking Cold Blooded Sausage Maker is the perfect non de plume for Greg McGarrity

  3. And look all that publicity got you 1 more follower than you had yesterday.

  4. -Anon @2:44

    And it brought you here....well no not really you have been here haven't you? Peeking in to see us everyday.....wondering what we will say.....loving the fact that you can make little under-handed comments. Oh we are on to you buddy.....or should we say Bobo!

  5. I once met a dude named Anon on the beer aisle at Kroger. He had a twelver of O'Douls in one hand and a pack of Massengil in the other. As I reached for my PBR tallboys I told him his string was showing.

    He said thanks.

  6. I am elusive and fast......one minute I am here...

  7. and the next minute I'm here!