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Friday, January 14, 2011

Sports Illustrated Ranks the Dawgs #21 in Pre-Season Poll

So I got a copy of the new SI and for the 5th year in a row the cover was adorned by a National Champion SEC team not named Georgia. Most of the Auburn offense is on the cover which is odd because in the end it was the defense (and by defense I mean Nick Fairley) that won the most important game of the season for the Man-Bear-Pig-War-Smeagles.

Anyway the Dawgs were ranked 21--one spot ahead of the Missy State Bulldogs (oddly because Missy State is returning a lot of their talent while a lot of Georgia's is going pro and the Spotted Dogs dismissed UGA earlier this season).

Reluctantly I'm sure; SI ranked 7 SEC teams in the top 25.

3. LSU
4. Alabama
9. South Carolina
14. Auburn
17. Arkansas
21. Georgia
22. Missy State

The line beside the blurb on Georgia was:
"Coach Mark Richt has too much talent to continue his run of mediocrity."

Hohoho......it would appear you know nothing of Richtian Mediocrity Sports Illustrated. He has had too much talent the past three years but has still found a way to be breath-takingly mediocre.


  1. thanks for that very well thought out and incite filled post. I can tell your team of researchers has been working around the clock to leave us with those well reasoned conclusions.

  2. Dr. Evil: So what do we have here?
    No. 2: Sea Bass
    Dr. Evil: Rriighhtt

  3. CCRider of the storm, where is your beloved Pirate coaching? Oh thats right no one will hire him LOL.

  4. will


    You sir should really be having a hard time trying to figure out how to spin this into something positive, eh ?

    After 2009 not being ranked in any poll whatsoever, Mark Richt has managed to have our Beloved Bulldogs ranked NOTHING again 2010.

    2011, now, Mark Richt has the ESPN Pre-season Poll out last week ranking Georgia NOTHING. And, now this Sports Illustrated ranking us # 21.

    Hot damn.

    We are GREAT.