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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Thursday Should Be a Good Indicator for NSD

As everyone in Dawgnation knows, Malcom Mitchell and Jay Rome Will make their decisions on where they will attend College on Thursday. These two players are key to future UGA success. Dawg nation waits on baited breath to here their decisions.
My prediction is that if the 4 star reciever and 5 star tight end sign with Georgia, then we have a great chance of landing Crowell and Drew. If we don't get both then you can kiss Crowell and Drew goodbye. I hope we get them but if we don't, it will be just one more instance of why Mark Richt no longer needs to be Coaching at the nation's oldest and most prestigious public university.
Keep ypur fingers crossed that we get the players we need and then keep them crossed that they will be coached up.


  1. Buddy - call me a Richt-o-Phile if u want but 2 players don't make or break a coach...I just hope regardless of who we sign we find a way to win the SEC and shut up idiots like u who know as much about football as you do about fornicating

  2. What happens if we get one? Because theres about zero doubt in my mind that Crowell is coming and it's pretty obvious where Rome is headed.

    Don't even know why I look at this blog to be honest. Even when I am bored it's a waste of time.

  3. Rider...I say we go 0-2 Thursday...no 5-8, 180 lb talent on the docket in Valdosta. ANd Matthew, you are a Richt-o-phile ball licker!

  4. Thanks for the love Anon @3:44 but Samdizl actually wrote this one the Rider has taken a few days off, but I should be back at it in the next day or two.

  5. Wow - nice comeback!! I think @Matthew wins that round...

  6. I agree with Matthew. You guys are drinking the cool aid on this recruiting class a little too much. I agree we need to get better and getting good recruits will help the team in the future but it is rare that freshmen come in and make that big of an impact. You guys are putting way too much into one class.
    You three ladies have made up your mind about our coach and that is fine. Most of what you write is based on the opinions and rumors seen on the countless other blogs out there. Its almost like you are regurgitating it verbatim at times. Fact is, you don't know squat about what goes on in the program and neither do I. It is becoming very apparent to me that a lot of people see right though you and just want to read your crap because it is pure entertainment.
    Of course you could be some N Avenue Trade School interweb jocks that have set this thing up for a laugh.

  7. First, I do not think that 2 recruits make or break a coach, if you would read what I wrote you would realize that I am simply stating that if Thursday goes well then NSD should go well...and if not...you draw the conclusions. Matthew and Anon are so blinded by their desire to be right about Mark Richt that they don't read what is being argued on this sight. Anon you are a coward for not signing your name to your own shit and Matthew is a eunic (look it up Matthew, I am sure you don't know what it means).

  8. -Anon @10:12 pm

    We here at S&G have made an effort to clean up the language here just in case our Mommas were to ever read this site. However, there is rare occassion in which cussin is appropriate at this is one of them. If you are offended by offensive language then stop reading now.

    Thanks so fucking much Captain Obvious! How many times did you come here before it dawned on you that this is a Georgia Bulldog humor/opinion/entertainment site. ONCE AGAIN IF YOU WANT BREAKING NEWS GO TO THE AJC!
    If it took more than one trip to our blog to get that then please don't come back. Our humor is most likely way over your head (which is a huge insult considering the low-brow nature of our humor). Most importantly dont spew your douchey queef comments on our board!

    1. Yes we do take other stories and give our spin on them....find me one blog that doesn't do that.
    2. We are talking about recruiting because that is the only fucking thing going on right now.
    3. Furthermore we are talking recruiting because up until now with you and Matthew most Richt-O-Philes have been talking all about how this recruiting class was going to change things.
    Now we get the back-peddle because it would appear that some of you are starting to realize that 350lb gorillas with ballerina feet that play the nose are few and far between....there is no Mt. Cody at any Juco school right now. In addition the only player capable of generating a pass rush is NFL bound, the only player capable of catching the ball is NFL bound, and some of the best players on a shitty O-Line are NFL bound or graduating. I think you Richt-O-Philes are also starting to realize that Mark Richt sucks at recruiting in-state. Things aren't going well in Athens as far as recruiting goes and in the past few years the Richt staff has failed to coach-up some of the talent that we did have....most obvious on Defense and the O-Line.
    So Anon if its breaking news from deep inside the under belly of the Ath. Dept. in Athens that you want here goes
    Oh, and nice on the calling us GT fans we have never heard that one before....sounds like you are reading old posts and just regurgitating old insults.

  9. I don't see why you have a problem with people who like Richt. Yes we have struggled on the field for the last couple seasons. That is a fact and I am every bit as disappointed as anyone. But I believe Richt has earned the right to turn it around. If we have another season where we only win 6,7, or 8 games then it's time to make a change. McGarity won't hesitate pulling the trigger on that.

    On this blog you have supported hiring Mike Leach to replace Richt. That is pure lunacy! Yes he is a brilliant offensive coach but name 1 team who has won a National Championship lining up and throwing the ball 60+ times per game. It has never happened and it won't any time soon.

    Now if Gary Patterson would have said after the Rose Bowl he was looking to take the next step in his career by coaching in the SEC I would have offered him immediately! But he is not leaving TCU anytime soon b/c he is going to lead TCU to several title games coaching in the Big East.

    Recruiting wise, yes we have missed out on players. It would have been nice to get Eric Berry but his dad played at UT. It would have been nice to get Cam Heyward and Allen Bailey but they were never UGA fans growing up. Yes, it would be great to put a fence around the state of Georgia but that is insanely difficult when your surrounded by Alabama, Auburn, FSU, Florida, and South Carolina.

    But you have to put in context the recruits we have lost from in-state with some of those we have managed to steal from other states. Knowshon from NJ, Stafford from TX, Murray from FL, A.J. from SC...overall i'd say our recruiting has been solid. Can it get better, sure. It always can.

    How about if UGA wins the SEC East next season you guys do us all a favor and take down your blog for a year. Since you guys seem to think Richt is a horrible coach and we're gonna be terrible you shouldn't have a problem taking that deal!

  10. -Matthew

    Yes we advocate Mike Leach but we also know that money will have to be shelled out for a top notch DC like Bud Foster.
    I think it is a defeatist mentality you have about Patterson. No coach is going to announce that he is looking for a greater challenge. What has to happen is Georgia has to put out feelers directed a certain coaches and gage their interest or just back-up the money truck. If you will recall it was not until Bama offered Saban NFL money that he took the job. However, I can't totally disagree that the chances of getting him aren't very good. If you read us regularly we get a lot of humor miles out of talking about Gary Patterson.

    Now you gave me four good recruits from out of state in a decade. Sure they are all good but those four do not make up for the in-state players he has missed on. So far he is out on three of the so called dream teamers; one to ND, one to Bama, and one to Auburn. Lets see how things look after NSD.

    I'll tell you what we will take the site down forever if Georgia wins the Nat Title, for a year if they win the SEC. Just looking to win the East is again a defeatist mentality you know who just won the east...South Carolina and we demand to be better than South Carolina.

  11. Now why don't you right your blogs more like your last comment. Much more intelligent and coherent. Why would you hire a "man" like Leach though who is suing his old school and ESPN. I don't want someone like him as the face of my football program no matter how many games we win.

    Also, I don't consider myself a defeatist, I consider myself a realist in regards to Patterson. He would never leave TCU for UGA. Also, I am a realist in the fact that the team goal for 2011 should be to reach the Georgia Dome. Make it to the SEC Championship game in 2011 and I think 99% of Dawg fans would be happy. I just don't know if their is a team in the East that will be as good as Alabama or LSU. If they both find some solid QB play they will be dominant. That's in part why Florida is in for a tough year b/c they play Alabama, LSU, and Auburn in 3 consecutive weeks.

    As for a list of out of state players UGA has recruited that have made an impact since 2005 - Orson Charles, Marlon Brown, Kwame Geathers, Rontavious Wooten, Jordan Love, Aaron Murray, Ben Jones, A.J., Blair Walsh, Aron White, Trindon Sturdivant, Knowshon Moreno, Geno Atkins, Josh Davis, Prince Miller, Shaun Chapas, Matthew Stafford, Jeff Owens, Kade Weston, Mohammad Massaquoi, Christian Lemay - that's a pretty impressive list!

    Player's we have lost from in state: Cunningham, Eric Berry, Allen Bailey, Cameron Heyward, Omar Hunter, Greg Reid, Da'Rick Rogers, JaWuan James, Mack Brown - then from this years class looks like Tuitt, Vaughters, A.J. Johnson, and possibly Xzavier Dickson if he does not flip back to UGA...That's a impressive list of players we have missed out on too....

    But at the end of the day I think it's a wash...

  12. -Matthew

    Impressive list sir. However I think we may have differing opinions as to who is an impact player:
    1. Lemay is yet to play
    2. Brown, Geathers, Wooten,White,and Weston I see them on the field but I wouldn't call them "impact" players....I would call them average players
    3. Charles is not an impact player but that has more to do with Bobo not using the TE than his talent.
    4. Love, Jones,Davis, and Chapas I would call solid players but not impact players.
    5. Sturdivant has been injury prone but that is not Richts fault......oh wait can we link injuries to keeping around a crappy old S&C coach? I can. Ok so yeah Sturdivant is Richt's fault.
    6.Now Murray, AJ, Walsh, Moreno, Atkins, Stafford, Miller, Owens, and Mo...To those I will give the devil his due.

    I don't know if I am ready to call you a Richt-O-Phille just yet Matthew but keep coming back I don't think you are a lost cause unlike that dude Anonymous who keeps hanging around.