Da' Dream Makin' Cold Blooded Sausage


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

UGA's Greatest QB Says It Is Time To Make Some Cold-Blooded Sausage

Oh Fran da Man we had no idea you was in the ruthless cold blooded sausage makin' biness, Daddy!

Per the usual Ol' Franny keeps it really real

Fran Tarkenton hates a few things in this life:

1. The State of Ohio
2. Rutabagas
3. Communism
4. Brett Favre, and
5. Mediocre Football Coachin' at the University of Georgia

We agree on all of these points except for Brett Favre. What you have a picture of Favre's wiener.....well you are possibly the only one and since he just retired you now have a collector's item. Post that thing on e-bay and watch the bids start rollin in. Sexual harassment......sounds more like he did you a favor Ms. Sterger......good luck with that posing in quasi-porn magazines career you have going. Since Jenn Sterger's main goal was to get a reality t.v. show we have an idea. Make Jenn Sterger live in a house with Ron Franklin. Ron the Don will straighten that little split tail out.

Episode 1:
Sterger: Oh my Gah....look at this house. Is this is were I am going to be living.
Franklin: Welcome to my home sugar tits.

Sterger stares in awe at the greatness that is Ron Franklin in full regalia- Three piece suit, Florsheim Shoes, Stetson Hat, Brute Cologne.

Franklin: We got some rules around her babe. 1. You will cook three full meals a day and present them to me at 6 am, 12:30 pm, and 7 pm; 2. You will keep my house spotless; 3. I am to be serviced sexually at least three times a day in a manner by which I select. 4. I do not tolerate back talk. Do you see this (Franklin raises his right hand as if to smack Sterger with the back of his hand) I call it Justice and if there is one thing Ron Franklin is all about it is dealing out justice.
Uh-Oh I smell an Emmy!

Anyway speaking of strong pimp hands, Fran just gave Richt a glimpse of his "palm side down"

Oh Fran that was C-O-L-D-----B-L-O-O-O-O-O-D-E-D!


  1. Speaking of Loran Smith and Fran Tarkenton, here's a good article from the Athens B-H about Fran's high school coach at Athens High, the great Bulldog Wayman Sellers. Looks like CMR and CJT could learn a few things from Coach Sellers. http://bit.ly/gnMO5E

  2. S FL Chapter of the Bulldog NationJanuary 12, 2011 at 1:57 PM

    Good stuff!! Keep your pimp hand strong!! lmao That girl's a good for nothing tramp...probably has some std's too! Whore!!

  3. If you know so much about "Fran da Man" then you should know that he doesn't speak in public without getting a check for it. Somewhere there is a motivational speaker that needs a spokesperson for his infomercial.

  4. Anon @2:22

    Look this is America and if people will pay you to talk then so be it

    Don't hate just because Frans words are equal to a non-gold backed dollar.

  5. On ebay do you think Favre's "johnson" will be at "No reserve" or will it be a "buy it now" item?....you know, sort of like his frequent comebacks.

  6. Then you agree with me that his words aren't worth much.

  7. -Crap andwich

    Hard to say (pun intended) People act like they hate Favre but his song and dance always reels us back in.


    Words can be no value at all while at the same time being priceless.........it just depends on the buyer and the demand.

  8. There is not 1 person who says that what Fran says is incorrect on any level.

    DISNEYdawgs.com attack Fran personally and not his in fact statements.

    Why, do you think, is this ?