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Monday, January 31, 2011

We impact recruiting? Seriously?

We here at Sports and Grits wanted to address a topic that has been raised recently. We have been accused, by both commenters here and those who run well known Georgia-focused blogs, of having a strong negative impact on recruiting. To that, we ask, really? Really?

We are just at a loss of words if someone could possibly believe such ridiculousness. We just hauled in Ray Drew, an All-Everything DE/OLB. Before him came a long athlete, with a need to fill out his frame, for OT in Xzavier Ward. Also this month came commitments from Valdosta's dynamic duo Jay Rome and Malcolm "Tampa" Mitchell, Isaiah Crowell's best friend/cousin Quintavious "Cootie" Harrow, elite Florida LB Ramik Wilson, Atlanta's best CB prospect in Damien Swann, and under the radar Lee County WR Sanford Seay. We're likely to close with arguably the most significant recruits in this class, NT John Jenkins and TB Isaiah Crowell, place South Carolina stud LB Dexter Staley, and perhaps steal DL Jeoffrey Pagan from Clemson, LB Kent Turene from Southern Cal, or DB Marcus Roberson from Texas Tech, among others.

With that in mind, we ask you commenters and any recruit affiliated people that may read this site, just how have we impacted recruiting? If we hurt Georgia's recruiting efforts this winter, who was it with considering how we've landed just about every high profile target we've wanted? Just how can you explain us having an impact on recruiting, like say Mark Richt sitting in a living room, or Nick Saban or Kirby Smart in that same living room. They can watch Georgia, Florida, LSU, etc play, how their players develop, and where they get drafted. They can talk to their current players, and see how kids are treated before, during and after they produce on a football field. So how can this little site, these three guys speaking their minds, have any impact on recruiting when compared to what coaches and players are doing on a daily basis? If this is a class that's been effected negatively by us, what type of all world superstars would Georgia land without us considering the haul they're going to bring in Wednesday, or in the case of Jenkins, soon thereafter?


  1. Maybe we should actually take full credit for this year's class. Before this blog no one dared to question Richt or his recruiting. Then along comes S&G and we question everything about the way the program is being run and suddenly Richt finds new energy to get out and recruit like he should have been doing all along.

    You are welcome Dawg Nation!

  2. First, we have not gotten all the recruits we were after though we have gotten most. However, there are some big fish still undeclared. Second, I know that normally the staff has already completed a good review and jump on next years class. That hasn't happened nearly as much this year. Third, Damage to the program is not only in recruiting but in attracting coaches, and attractivness for TV, which leads to help or not with polls and rankings reguardless of the type season one is having. Positive always helps negative hurts no matter how little. That is a simple fact.

  3. If you question the effect blogs and FB posts have on recruiting look no further than the situation with CJ Johnson.

    But no you didn't have an affect... and obviously most agree since you got removed from the Dawgbone.

    Carry on...

  4. Anon @ 6:22
    CJ Johnson? Do you mean AJ Johnson, who the staff never even pursued? I think the staff's decision that he's not a good enough player to bring in (right or wrong as it may be) had a lot bigger impact than any blogs, facebook, or twitter twatter.

    And Ant123, we get it. You want nothing but smoke blown up your butt no matter how blind towards reality it may be. We don't impact recruiting, who ESPN puts on TV, what assistants want to come here, or any of that. We're just three guys with an opinion that Mark Richt has grossly underproduced the last few years. Hopefully, McGarity has delivered the wake up call that it's time to stop reminiscing about what we were from 2002-2007, and get their butts back to work. The acceptance of mediocrity has ended, and all thanks to an Athens man who spent time in Gator land.

  5. Mr. Sanchez,
    No you don't get it. Your not even close. Everyone that follows UGA knows that the last three years have not been great. We did not need you, or anyone else to point that out. Your problem is that is all you can see and all you want to talk about. Just because someone is not a Richt hater like you doesn't mean they think all is well. However, rational people belive someones entire body of work should be considered not just their most recent performance.
    I believe you would prefer a coach with no charactor, recruiting armed bandits as long as they could win another game for you. But that is all you would be left with and no self respecting parent would entrust their kid to a program like that.
    The reason we have a program that has not been up to par this last few years and yet still pulls off at least a top 10 recruiting class is Mark Richt's reputation as an honest an decent man. Something that Nick "I will not be the next coach at Alabama" can not even approach.
    And if you think your blog has contributed in any positive way to UGA you are simply delusional or so prideful as to not be able to consider anything but yourself.
    Lastly, I guess you consider Fox Sports Richt-O-Philes http://www.foxsportssouth.com/01/31/11/Relationship-trumps-record/landing.html?blockID=401133&feedID=5488 since they dared say anything positive about coach Richt or the UGA football program.

  6. I don't think we benefit or detract from UGA in any way. We aren't that important, or delusional to think we are.

    And you obviously have no clue about my opinion on our current, or hopefully any next coach. I love Richt, especially the man. But when things struggle, I blame him. College sports are all about the coach. He identifies the kids, recruits them, and if he signs them, he develops them and keeps them disciplined. It's his program, and success or failure is entirely at his feet imo. Losing to Colorado is inexcusable. Having to be pushed around by Miss St, South Carolina, and everyone aside from Vandy and Idaho St before you address your S&C failings is inexcusable. I think Richt would agree with us that the program has been miserably underproducing the last few years, and that if this current attempt to correct the failings isn't successful, he won't be back for 2012.

  7. No I mean CJ Johnson.. I wasn't referring to UGA recruiting, but rather your claim that blogs/facebook have no effect on a potential recruit.


    and once again... Dawgbone.com

  8. So, what is it you have to say about a glorified links page Anon, besides getting the name wrong? You keep bringing them up without anything else mentioned; why? Are you affiliated with them, or just trying to give them free advertising?

    And how does blog postings about a highly paid public figure and football coach compare to direct, personal attacks on a young man's facebook page AFTER he changed school choices? If you can't see the massive divide between the situation of an opinion on a football coach (which is the only negative aspect we can be accused of, amidst numerous postings on other subjects) and jerkoffs attacking a kid as he makes one of the most important decisions of his life, then I can see why you can't see how there are countless other, MUCH more significant factors involved when kids make that decision that what some random blog says.

  9. Mr. Sanchez,
    You are on the record as wanting Richt fired this year so I know your opinion.
    As for as if the program has another dismal year. Then by all means we need to go another direction. But he has eraned a chance to correct it.
    I personally believe we are not nearly as far off as last years record. I could be wrong.
    But I know that 20 years from now, the young men that have graduated under Richt will have been better served than those that graduated under any other current SEC coach. And that is ultimately more important.
    Thank you.

  10. Ant123,
    And you call us arrogant? That last paragraph is pretty arrogant in and of itself. Richt is a good man, but you know nothing about how other SEC coaches do business if that's your claim. Maybe some, but I believe several do right by their kids just as Richt does.

    Plus, you're right. I wanted him gone after this year. IMO, he earned a chance to correct the problems of 2009 in 2010 and failed miserably. You give him 2 mulligans, I was only willing to give one, and sense a culture crumbling ala Donnan's final days. I could be wrong, but I personally believe Richt is no longer suited to be a top notch coach in today's NFL minor league that is the SEC.

  11. Mr. Sanchez,
    Not at all trying to be arrogant just stating facts. Of the Sec coaches that have been at their institution more than 2 years (anything less than that doesn't give enough time to make an assessment) there is not another coach that will have as big a positive influence on the young man. Some might teach a little more in this area of life or another. But not really close on the complete areas of life. If you think this is incorrect I would love to hear your reasoning. But I don't see it, at least at this time.
    I respect your opinion on Coach Richt and you may be right. But I know if we can get through this intact and be successful we will have a program that shows the type stability that is very attractive to potential recruits their families and the general public.
    If not than we are just one year behind on your plan and have a great recruiting class to show for it.

  12. I agree on "if we can get through this intact". The question is opinion on the likelihood "we can get through this".

    And you've got no evidence for Richt in that regard or against others. I'm not involved with these kids on a daily basis, here or elsewhere, to claim such a fact. I doubt you are either. Richt has done well in areas, but how about with Dowtin, or Caleb King, or Washaun Ealey, or many others. We've had our fair share of off the field problems, if not more. We've had countless arrests for stupid offenses, repeat offenses in some cases, and in others an outright ignoring of what Richt told them, in Ealey's case at least. So to claim Richt is better than others at developing "men" is without fact or evidence one way or the other. All you have is the public perception of Richt, and I'm assuming a lack of knowledge on how Mullen, Miles, Dooley, Spurrier, etc treat their kids. Richt does a good job with kids, but he's not here to be a life coach. He's here to be a football coach, and he understands as well as anyone his job is to win football games, not simply develop boys into men. And again, Dowtin, Ealey, Montez Robinson, among others. It's not like he's without flaw in the life skills, or whatever you wanna call it, area either.