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Monday, January 17, 2011

Why I cheered for Oregon

For starters, I disagree with the "root for the SEC" stuff. We don't recruit against Oregon, or Oklahoma, or Texas, or Southern Cal, or Ohio St. But we do against LSU, Auburn, Alabama, Florida, and when they win titles that helps them on recruiting trails, especially while we mire in mediocrity with the only coach since 2001 to win the SEC, but not a national title (if you count Auburn's Golf Digest title for their '04 screw job by pollsters).

But Auburn winning a title makes us look bad. There's the allegations around $Cam Newton, the questionable academics of Nick Fairley and most of the starters (not surprising for Auburn considering the academic fraud from Auburn's last undefeated season, the enrolled-for-4-season-illiterates they've put into the NFL, etc), among many other problems with the Plainsmeagles. But most of all is the fact that Auburn will proudly display this thing at the Opelika Wal-Mart. Yeah, seriously because you can't make this sort of craziness up. Above is my personal favorite, but the pictures speak for themselves and words don't do justice to the hillwilliam level of humiliation they just lumped on our entire region from outsiders who will, as the rest of the SEC already does, laugh derisively in Auburn's direction.


  1. You are a giant pussy Mr Sanchez! That last paragraph proves it.

  2. Why I cheered for Auburn?
    Cause I had money on them!

  3. We look bad, whatever we do.

    I am not rooting for PAC-10 Oregon because they think they are hot stuff.

    I have spent the season on their WebPages giving them H-E-LL.

    And, I am not about to root for a team who beat 1 team all season long who finished in the Top 25 of the AP Poll. And, that team Stanford beat the 4th best team in The SEC West. Stanford Official NCAA Strength of Schedule this entire regular season is # 64 and Oregon's is # 76.

    Oregon ?

    I am supposed to root for Oregon because it makes me look bad at Georgia to have Auburn win the Damn BCS National Championship Consensus ?

    I submit that it makes Georgia look WORSE to have Oregon win - which by the way, they no hope of accomplishing and did not - despite the horrid condition of the field and despite EVERY CALL going Oregon's way.

    Oregon is out there bragging what they are going to do now, today, next season. I get to remind them that they LOST to SEC.

    SEC Won 5 NC in a row.

    The fact that Mark Richt looks bad compared to now Auburn, TOO, because Auburn Won SEVEN (7) games vs teams finishing in the Top 25 of the AP Poll, doesn't bother me one damn bit.

    Because I am fed up with Mark Richt 2-11 vs teams finishing in the Top 25 of the AP Poll over the last 3 years by direct comparison with Gene Chizik at Auburn with Gus Malzahn calling the innovative plays and with Cam Newton at QB whom Mark Richt recruited as a Damn Tight End.

    Instead of Winning Games vs 7 Top 25 teams this season alone, Mark Richt beat SIX (6) CUPCAKES - all with LOSING SEASON.

    God Almighty.

    So what if we look WORSE than Auburn.

    We are in fact, WORSE than 69 teams this 2010 season and 60 teams over the last TWO (2) entire seasons.


    I root for teams who BEAT GOOD TEAMS and who by the way don't LOSE to CUPCAKES either like the Ten (10) CUPCAKES Mark Richt has lost to in his 10-Year Mark Richt era - such as 5-7 Colorado whom he lost to WITH AJ Green.

    Oregon Ducks - what a JOKE of a football program with 59 thousand attending their games while they are NOTHING in football and NEVER HAVE BEEN.

    Nick Fairley RUINED Oregon's vaunted Running Game, which by the way is EXACTLY what I told them would happen - that they had beat NO ONE and that the 1 area where Auburn could possibly play football on Defense was vs the Run and that it was therefore the WORST POSSIBLE MATCH-UP for the DISNEYducks.com

    You should have heard what they had to say to me. (I went back and re-posted their crap about what they predicted before hand, afterwards.)

    Oregon - BWAAA

    Pac-10 - BWAAA

  4. My amen was for the article and not the idiots responding. If you can pull for aubscum given all the crap they did this year, then you have no standards and might as well be a UF or USC fan. The ends justify the means or "all in". What losers.

  5. Thanks for clearing that up anon.