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Friday, January 28, 2011

Would Hiring Friedgen Show That Richt Actually Wants to Keep His Job?

"I don't know Ralphie boobs that big might be too big."

Your humble servants here at S&G have been berated over the past few months with mindless Richt-O-Philles demanding that we give Richt a chance to right the ship. However, when asked just what Richt would do to fix things no one can give an answer. Well we hate to do Richt-O-Philles job for them but there are actually two things that the ol' Cold Blooded Sausage Makers at S&G have been looking for.

1. Better in State recruiting, and

2. Make a major change within the top of the staff to help with discipline, player development, and play calling.

Now despite the fact that UGA has landed Rome and Drew as expected, pulled a small coup and a pried Mitchell away from Alabama, and seem to have the inside track on Crowell and the ever elusive massive NT that was missing last year; we have never the less been banned from certain blog sites because despite the fact that we have only been blogging since April of 2010 Sports and Grits is 100%responsible for all of Richt's in-state recruiting woes over the past decade. But as Dusty Rhodes would say "That's another post for another time Daddy!" Mr. Sanchez will be addressing that topic later this weekend.

Now while the Sausage Makers are very excited to get the talent we have pulled in this year that does not change the fact that Richt is operating on a one year lease. Richt needed to make a change but wouldn't until Searles bolted for Texas. So there will be a change in-spite of Richt. A lot of reports have named Friedgen as the possible replacement. Let us start by saying this....there is no way a guy who was the ACC coach of the year last year takes a job as a position coach. Of course being the ACC coach of the year is sort of like being the least bad type of rape. Our vote is for statutory rape with prison gang rape being the worst. We will give the Devil his due and say that Friedgen was a good OC while at Teck and no doubt has or will have a number of OC offers.

That said we won't just write the idea off. If Richt is serious about turning the Dawgs around enough in 2011 to keep his job Ralphie would go a long way in that. Richt will need to offer Friedgen the position of Assistant Head Coach/Offensive Line Coach. Of course with a line around the block to snap up Brother Bobo if he were to leave we certainly don't want to hurt his wittle feewins, and since Richt is almost never in the Cold Blooded Sausage making bizness there is no chance he gets demoted to make Friedgen the O-Coord. So we could make Friedgen Asst. Head Coach. Richt could still pretend Bobo was OC and since he so easily confused by average to good D-Coordinators they could probably even convince Bobo he is still the OC. Richt and Ralphie could have final say over offensive game planning with Bobo keeping the title of Offensive Coordinator.

Just think 11 short years after taking the job Richt may finally get around to fixing the O-line.


  1. Being the ACC coach of the year in football, is like being the best sportswriter at the AJ-C.

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