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Friday, February 11, 2011

Blogger Podcast Allows the Outlaws a Place at the Table

In spite of being beset by flu like symptoms you humble servant CCRider was still able to participate in the Leather Helmet's Dawg Blogger Podcast . In all honesty right now I would change this into the biggest Disney Dawg Richt-O-Phile site in the universe in exchange for a Z-pack....cause the flu sucks harder than Willie Martinez.

Many thanks and much love and respect to ECDawg with the leather helmet for inviting us despite the fact that the most powerful regime in all Georgia Bloggery has banned us and branded us outlaws. It showed quite a bit of courage on the Leather Helmets part as any content not approved by the regime could earn one's blog a banning.

We participated in the podcast with Bernie of Bernie's Dawg Blawg, Mike in Valdosta, CorbinDawg of the Grit tree, and of course ECDawg. We gave our usual totally unfounded facts and completely unsupportable opinions.

The only problem with these podcasts is we come off sounding reasonable and as we all know that is not our speed. The podcast covers recruiting, the o-line coaching change, the shake-up on the defensive staff, and the S&C program. We kept it reined in for the most part and don't think we offended anyone-- however in the end we did liken ourselves to the Jews persecuted in WWII Germany which by implication would make our banners Nazis. Considering we are all of Scots-Irish decent and from the Deep South that makes us the honkies of all honkies and means we know nothing of actual persecution. Then again we have never let silly things like facts get in the way of our ramblings.


  1. The Jews were not simply banned from Germany. They were labelled by propoganda, forced to close businesses, rounded up, branded and carted off. They were forced to work in camps until they no longer useful. They were then starved to the brink of death. The ones that did not die were led into chambers where they were exposed to Sarin gas until they suffocated. Did the guys over at The Dawgbone do that to you too?
    The reason you got banned is because you are a bunch of punk ass kids that don't know shit and are not worth recognizing. Grow up and come back when you gain some perspective.
    By the way, I read your blog because I find it entertaining but if you boys had any sense you would know that likening your situation to the Jews under Nazi rule is just not a good direction to go in.

    You three pussies never saw Dusty Rhodes wrestle anyway.

  2. Really Booger it's still too soon on the Nazi jokes.

    Its people who take this holier than-thou some things are off limits overly PC attitude that we love to piss off.
    I understand that certain people have certain things that they don't like to discuss or hear anyone make light of but chances are if you hang around here long enough we are gonna hit a nerve.
    Although you can't be all bad because you do recognize the entertainment value that we bring.
    To think that we never went to the Augusta Civic Center cira 1984-1988 to witness the American Dream Dusty Rhodes team with Magnum TA to take on Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson shows a total lack of understanding of this site. I think you know that....I think you are just are just trying to be hurtfull Booger. If you had any sense you would know that disrespecting our devotion to Jim Crockett promotions in the 1980's "is just not a good direction to go in." Thanks for the comment Boogie