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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cold Blooded Sausage Makers vs. Richt-O-Philles

"Anyone in any walk of life who is content with mediocrity is untrue to himself and to American tradition." - Gen. George S. Patton

Leave it to one of the original Sausage Makers to sum it up in just a few words. Yesterday my brother Mr. Sanchez addressed the non-sense that we have in some way hampered Georgia in recruiting this year....funny because this may be Richt's all time best in-state haul. In the comments Mr. Sanchez had a back and forth with a regular Richt-O-Phille visitor to our site. The Richt-O-Phille gave us this glimpse into the mind of a Richt worshiper.

"But I know that 20 years from now, the young men that have graduated under Richt will have been better served than those that graduated under any other current SEC coach. And that is ultimately more important."

This is the difference between us and our kind and Richt-O-Philles. I am sure that the Richt lovers get very frustrated with us because we aren't touched and even a little choked-up by comments like this. So frustrated that they spend their days sending tattle-tale e-mails to other websites crying about how we need to be removed from their site. Really you are grown men and you a snitching and crying about what some people you don't even know wrote. Let us ask you this-- how does the shame and judgment in your son's eyes feel when you get home from work every day because you know that he knows that his father has a severe testicular deficiency. Oh excuse me I mean your daughters eyes because no "man" who is a big a vag as this could possibly have sperm superior enough to produce a male child.

Let me ask the poster of this comment this: "How has Richt better served his players?"

Is it because the players who have been around the past three years have seen laziness and entitlement that has resulted is some of the most catastrophic losses in UGA history. Has he helped them to understand that personal favoritism to subordinates is more important than fulfilling the duties and obligations that you have been paid for? How about what other SEC players have learned from their coaches:

Carolina players have learned that being Cock-sure and confident in one's abilities can lift you out of a lifetime of mediocrity.
Florida players have learned that sacrifice for the sake of a goal will result in obtaining that goal (twice).

LSU players have learned that sometimes you have to let your inner crazy show to let others know that you mean business.

Alabama players have learned that hard work, dedication, earning your keep, and focusing on what you want; and then putting everything you have into that goal will result in achieving that goal (a lesson the LSU also learned).

Winners win and losers lose. Right now the kids being coached to win on the field will win off the field and the kids that think they are too good to show up for a bowl that they really didn't deserve to go to in the first place will be getting fired by the kids that are winners in 20 years.

It is time for Georgia fans to put the program above the coach because some of us have lost our bearings.


  1. CCRider,
    I am the person that you took totally out of context when you quoted me above. First I am not a Richt worshiper. I worship God and His Son Jesus alone.
    Second if you read my exchange with Mr Sanchez you know I stated plainly that he (Mr. Sanchez) may be right and that history may prove Richt should have been fired this year. But I gave my reasoning on why I thought another year was better. I also plainly said that If we had another dismal year he should be fired. That is not being a Richt worrshipper or being a blind follower. Just a different opinion.
    As for your inmature rants about my sons and man hood which you know nothing about, well, those types of things is why your readership has dropped off recently. Your apparant inability to disagree with someone by stating a logical case rather than using personal insults to lash out at the person rather than their argument.
    Lastly as for your questions above. Has Richt been to loyal? Maybe. I would say yes to Willie Martinez. But that cuts both ways. People want to work for him so we have less trouble finding and keeping assitants and they tend to stay around.
    As for your other question. I would think it obvious that of the 100+ young men on the football team only a very few will ever play beyond college. Therefore the lessons about integrity, family, (all of which exhibit dedication) are more important than merely work hard and win. For example, not over signing intentially and then dishonestly claiming someone is injured or just flat telling them their scholarship is pulled because you might have found someone a little better (See Alabama, LSU, and Arkansas, Auburn, Florida). As for Steve Spurrior he showed great determination in the NFL huh?
    As for our players being lazy and entitled the players that I know worked their guts out and did their best. I know they believe most of their teammates did the same. Are there exceptions sure. Those exceptions exsist on every team not just UGA. As bad as last year was we were not that far away from wining 10 or 12 games. All is not determined by effort and determination (the bowl game we played was an obvious exception).
    The bottom line is that 20 years from now when its easier to make a buck from bending the rules, or their secretary looks better than their wife, or they have given their word but it will cost them something to keep it. Of all the head coaches that are currently in the SEC and have been in their current postion at least 2 years. Richt is the best life role model.

    ps. I don't understand what or who the tattle-tale statments were about so I did not even attempt to address them. Thank you.

  2. Ant 123

    I'm not sure how that quote was taken out of context. It seemed like you were finding something more important than winning to hang the Richt hat on. I simply used that as an example of the Richt-O-Phille mindset.

    I wasn't personally attacking you or your son that point was about the Militant Richt-O-Philles that flooded the Dawgbone with e-mails asking that we be removed as a linked site (which the Dawgsbone did) I just think it is absurd that grown men would cry and take the time to e-mail and ask that a site that they do not have to visit be removed from a link site.

    While you bring up a Spurrier failure in a league that has nothing to do with SEC football--he is leading one of the all time worst programs to the SEC East title.
    As for pulling scholarships we will have to agree to disagree on that one. I don't think Saban makes any bones about it to those kids...you don't perform and you are gone. He ain't running a scholarship charity he is running a football team.
    I don't know about that "life role model" stuff last I can remember we are always at the top of every list when it comes to players being arrested. Seems to me that appearing to be moral vs. having people fear your wrath-- the wrath is working out better for programs with fewer legal problems.
    This is in no way anti-Christian but that has nothing to do with coaching ball. Just because Saban or Meyer do not broadcast their religion doesn't mean they are pagans. It is wonderful to be a Christian but that has nothing to do with the skill set that you bring to your job.
    Now I will give Richt credit he put the work into recruiting this year but while it is a step in the right direction he has a long way to go to change my mind after the Colorado game. But I am willing to give him a chance.

  3. Fair enough. You may be right. Next year I may have to type how you were right. But right now I feel if we can salvage a guy with over 10 years here with a good reputation we will be ahead of the game. Especially, since we are not assured of being able to hire someone better. Seveal big name schools tried this year and had to settle for their second or third choice.

  4. See Ant now we find some common ground. We aren't so unreasonable over here.
    I have already seen some of the necessary changes:
    1. S&C as well as nutrition changes,and
    2. A rededication to in-state recruiting which resulted in a great class (but it just goes to show that UGA can dominate the state when they want)
    Now we want to see the same fire and dedication to coaching the boys up as we saw in recruiting the newest crop of Dawgs.

    As for finding someone better....We aren't hampered by some of the factors that say a Michigan faces. Most top coaches are avoiding the likes of the Big 10 and Notre Dame because you simply can't win there. If it does come to a replacement then we could get almost anyone we want it will just be a matter of paying for them.

    After the UCF game I was so mad that I wouldn't hear any talk of salvaging Richt mostly becasue I couldn't see him actually making the necessary changes. Then he was almost defiant about keeping everyone on his staff. However, now that there has been a shake-up in the S&C and now that Searles is gone (but not becasue Richt fired him)we could get some of the changes we need. Add the recruiting class and I will admit that early on Richt is doing all the right things. I still need to see the wins and even if he turns it around I want him to always remember how bad this was and learn from his mistakes that got us to this point.

  5. I need to see wins myself. I totally agree.
    In regaurd to OL position, it may interest you to know that from sources I can't name that Searls was told to be looking 2 weeks ago. I can't obviously guarantee it but my source has been reliable in the past.