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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Forget Auburn...Clempsun is Gonna Get the Death Penalty

Now I have tons of Clempsun friends and so I am writing this as an intervention for some of them. I would like to make two points about the man above:

1. His name is Dabo, and

2. He runs your football program.

Now you can't have the biggest joke in all of BCS conference football as a head coach and still pull 5 star recruits. In addition your school cannot be a glorified Klan rally and you still pull 5 star black athletes. Why on God's green earth would a young black man with tons of potential and NFL aspirations go to Clempsun? The Tigers have pulled FOUR count them four top 25 recruits, all are 5 star rated, and all are out of state recruits for Hey Dabo. Tony Steward the 13th overall player and #1 LB in the country out of Florida. Sammy Watkins the 15th overall player a WR out of Florida, and Mike Bellamy the 25th overall player a RB also out of Florida.

Everyone knows that Clempsun is the biggest wanna be SEC school in the country, and we all know that from the moment Clempsun football was conceived it has always been a copy-cat to the Auburn program. Your first coach, your colors, your mascot all of these things were copied from Auburn. Naturally it makes sense that you are now paying your players. Now when CJ Spiller passed on Florida for Clempsun it raised eye-brows but everyone gets the occasional pass. Now you are gonna pull three top 25 players away from Florida, Florida St., Miami, and no doubt Alabama as well..........come on fellas........lets be honest with ourselves......you are gonna get investigated. What are you gonna tell the NCAA? Sure our school was founded by one of the biggest racists in this countries history, and sure we are a redneck agricultural school, and sure our campus is basically a big cow pasture, and sure we play in the worst conference in the world, and sure you will get basically zero television exposure if you play here, and sure the only black people here are athletes but you know there is just something about these red hills that attract all these Geechee brothers from Florida (fyi try not to use the term Geechee when describing a black kid to NCAA investigators.....I know you typically use worse but don't forget you will be dealing with Yankees).

You can also throw in Stephone Anthony the 24th rated player in the country a LB from North Carolina. So why is it you are basically a non-factor for your in-state top players but you keep landing all these other top players? I am sure the NCAA won't ask any of these questions what with your dynamic and inspiring mentally handicapped Head Coach and your history of never cheating before....oh wait didn't Danny Ford coach there...yeah I'm sure the NCAA will think everything is above board.


  1. Actually Clemson is a model of Bama. Frank Howard, Danny Ford, Charlie Pell, and Dabo all played at Bama

  2. So again like Auburn, they wanna be Bama but never can be. The similarities continue. After Clemson ain't nothing but Auburn with a lake.

  3. "In addition your school cannot be a glorified Klan rally and you still pull 5 star black athletes. Why on God's green earth would a young black man with tons of potential and NFL aspirations go to..."

    Hello pot, meet kettle.

    I can't believe I'm bothering to post a comment on your pathetic website. It just came up in a google search to see the latest on whether or not we're getting the #1 recruit in the country this year. No doubt you write this aimless column each night over a Stouffers lazagna, chainsmoking parliaments and wearing a moo-moo.

  4. - Anon 2/7/2011

    You literally just described the average Clempsun fan. Try insulting us instead of your wife.

  5. What about Lateek Townsend...he got arrested the day Dabo went to visit. Was it just a coincidence that Dabo was there just a few hours after the arrest? I hope he singlehandedly brings down Clemson athletics. Notice all the white folks with him when he committed...thats the Avent family. They own the Pepsi Co. in Marlboro County and are big Clemson boosters. Now, Lateek is strutting around school flashing rolls of cash saying he won the lottery. I hope he's worth it!