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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Is Clowney Even Going to Make the Grades?

"Is it racist to assume that a poor black kid who takes pictures like these before ever playing a single snap of football in the SEC is going to be arrogant and difficult to coach?"

Well it is good to be a Gamecock in 2011-- they have taken home their first SEC East Championship, beat Clempsun two years in a row, and kept DE phenom Jadeveon Clowney in state what they couldn't do with Courtney Brown in the 90's or Carlos Dunlap a few years back. Most in Cock-Nation feel that Clowney will put their team over the top when thrown into the mix with Lattimore, Alshon, and Spurrier. However, we have to pause to ask the question--Is Jadeveon going to be academically eligible?

Now I know what you are going to say if you are a Gamecock fan.

"Oh just because you are a black kid from the South who went to public school and have a first name that sounds like something that a retarded three year old would call a stuffed animal then you are stupid, right? Racists!"

Excellent use of the race card Gamecocks. You see that is how it works down here. White people assume that the black kids with ridiculous names that play for other schools are stupid but our black kids with ridiculous names are actually Rhodes scholars. Ahhh the joys of SEC football. The problem with Jadeveon is that there are real questions about his academic eligibility, and with all the attention he has been getting and with the Gamecocks recent run-ins with the NCAA Spurrier had better tread lightly here.

If you aren't familiar with the how things work in Columbia let me explain it to you:

1. The Gamecocks often times get involved with highly sought after players- Stephen Davis, Courtney Brown, Michael and Peter Boulware, Demitrius Summers, Stephen Garcia, Marcus Lattimore.

2. In the past other teams like FSU or Auburn would out bid the Cocks for the truly good players and SC would win the kids that were highly over-rated or who are lazy and will eventually be a bust (i.e. Summers and Garcia).

3. You can identify these kids because they roll up into Columbia acting like they are playing for the U circa 1985, everyone is so grateful that the kid didn't have enough sense to go else-where that they treat him like a god. The player then starts to believe that he is a god and it pretty much all goes down hill from there. Do not question this for it is simply the way of the Cock.

Clowney comes into Columbia with academic questions as well as statements like these that you can see over at Bernie's Dawg Blawg. To sum it up Clowney didn't like Saban because he did nothing but talk during Bama's in home visit. Doesn't Nick Saban know that football didn't exist prior to Jaedeveon Clowney? Oh sure he has rebuilt two football powers in the deepest conference in the world but what does he know he is short. Saban did a whole lot of telling Jadeveon instead of a whole lot of being in awe of Jadeveon's presence. Saban was boring to Jadeveon and wanted to talk about football instead of the things that Jadeveon wanted to hear like how awesome Jadeveon is. I'm sure that in the long run Jadeveon will elevate the Gamecocks to the status of National Championship Factory while some dude name Saban ends up falling by the way side. It doesn't sound like the recruiting has gone to Jadeveon's head at all. It sounds like Jadeveon is just a quiet humble kid who is ready to get to Columbia and get to work. It sounds like Jadeveon and the Cocks were made for each other.


  1. If he did not like Saban, I have to ask if he even met Spurrier?

  2. u see him rollin.
    u hatin.

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