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Monday, February 7, 2011

Richt Got This One Right.

Admittedly we have been hard on Richt. Most of our ire is based on the fact that so many refused to feel the same out-rage that we did over a 6-7 season with a loss to UCF. We couldn't stand the fact that so many would cling to the past as an excuse for the present. However, when the present is going far better than expected then it is appropriate to cling to the hope that it provides.

While we have become the boggie-men bloggers for many Richt fans we do have the ability to give Richt credit where it is due. The recruiting effort of the University of Georgia Bulldogs has been reason enough to say that Richt is doing something right again. In fact not just right but better than he has ever done it before.

Ultimately Richt really only lost out on two in-State recruits that he really wanted while he won some pretty tough fights on a number of others. According to Rivals Richt landed:

2 recruits with a 5 star rating

12 recruits with a 4 star rating, and

11 recruits with a 3 star rating (and one two star rated player)

Now I disagree with Kent Turene only getting a 3 star rating instead of a 4 star but when you pull-in 14 players rated 4 star or above you can't really complain about just one. Richt basically split with Saban on two big ones with Bama taking Dickerson (4 stars according to Rivals) but Richt taking the bigger prize by landing Crowell (5 stars and the #1 running back according to rivals). Richt also had a split with the defending National Champs with Auburn getting Bray (4 stars) but Richt holding off a late push for Drew (5 stars by rivals).

The big question is now how much does this class do for Richt in the long run. Let's say Richt goes 8-5 or 9-4 and the younger guys are producing and developing by the end of the season. Will that be enough hold off fire Richt talk? Well that is hard to say. Certainly I think 10 wins would mean that Richt keeps his job easily and probably gets a few coach of the year awards. 8 or 9 wins would put him in a limbo state with less that 8 wins probably marking the end of the Richt-era in Athens.

Most people will look to the Boise game as an early indicator of Richt's future. The more that I have though about that the more I think that is incorrect. Should we rely heavily on the younger players then the team should get better as the season progresses. Also, this game will be the substitute National Title game for the Broncos. The Broncos will probably give their best effort and play their best game in Atlanta and the Dawgs may still be working out some kinks. I think Richt can survive a loss so long as it is close and he rebounds strong against SEC competition. In fact I think that even should Richt lose to South Carolina he can still survive if he wins out in the East (chances are the Gamecocks will shoot themselves in the foot). Richt almost has to win the Florida and Auburn games as both of those teams should be way down (especially Florida).

How much good will has the recruiting season bought Richt? It's hard to say but when the Jekins commit came in on top of the Crowell, Drew, Rome, etc. hope was springing eternal in Georgia and even here the Cold Blooded Sausage Makers are finding themselves wanting to believe.


  1. You sound like a Richt-o-phile.

  2. Well when he is benfitting the program we can give him love.
    A Richt-O-Phile is one who puts the man above the program, and accepts mediocrity on the premise that Richt is as good as the University could hope to have. When he is winning and putting 100% into his job we are fine with him but when he is lazy, entitled, making poor decisions on assistants, and refusing to correct those poor decisions then we will get to saber rattling.