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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Signing Day--Jadeveon Clowney and How the Cocks May be Fooling Themselves

Jadeveon Clowney is pretty much the consensus number one high school football player in the country. He is from Rock Hill, South Carolina which is pretty much a glorified suburb of Charlotte. His front runners are the Gamecocks and Alabama and all of that is common knowledge but here is what is not well known:

The Gamecocks have been crowing for weeks now that Clowney is a lock to play his ball in Columbia. Spurrier has recently been able to keep Lattimore and Jeffries in state and with an SEC East crown it would make sense that despite the less that aesthetically pleasing beauty of Columbia (aka The Butt hole of the South) he could keep Clowney as well. We operate out of Augusta, GA so we are right on top of South Carolina and as a result we have many friends and associates who are Cock fans. I have one particular source with a direct tie to the athletic department in Columbia and he has told me for weeks now that Clowney is a lock.

However, last week I had lunch with my Cock friend and the story was little different. He started off by letting me know that they "still have Clowney" but that there was a small complication. You see Clowney's Father was just recently released for a 12 year stint in the Hoosecow. Continuing in the long tradition of Gamecocks who have colorful fathers with ever more colorful names (see mouth-breathing Gamecock QB sensation Blake Mitchell and his father Nuggett Mitchell) Jadeveon's Father is a man simply known as "Chili-Bean"

Now believe it or not a man named Chili-Bean who just did 12 years in the Pookie is considered by some around Jadeveon to be a "bad influence". Some people are even going so far as to openly question if it wouldn't be better for Jadeveon if he didn't play ball far far away from Chili-Bean. Columbia is about an hour drive from Rock Hill so if Jadeveon were to play in Columbia one would naturally assume that Ol' Chili-Bean would want to keep a close tab on his future pay check.....I mean the son he loves very much. My friend summed the situation up by saying the bottom line is "he will go where his Momma wants him to go" but you can count Momma into the group that thinks Jadeveon may be better suited far away from Rock Hill....in a place like say Tuscaloosa.

Clowney would be a huge boost for Spurrier and Johnson but lets be honest....last year was bizarro world and now it is time for the Cocks to go back to being the Cocks and that means missing on big in-state talent. Clowney will not sign today but will rather wait maybe until his birthday in a couple of weeks. The further Clowney gets from signing with the Cocks today the worse the situation looks for Spurrier and the better for Satan.

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  1. Haven't you learned anything from AU? It's not hard to hide this stuff. Clemson must've found a lawyer and/or financial consultant who's paying these benefits from a private foundation. With no subpoena power, the NCAA can't do anything unless somebody talks. And NOBODY talks in Clemson, SC.