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Thursday, February 17, 2011

This is Why the SEC is So Great!

If you grew up in the 1980's like we did then you know the following to be an undeniable truth:

"Skeletor is the uncontested overlord of all that which is evil."

If you don't know who Skeletor is then let me tell you if Hitler and Satan had a kid and that kid was a huge dick he would be Skeletor. Skeletor was the principal villain in the He-Man cartoon series and he was a real SOB.

Sure there were other 1980's cartoon villains but they all paled in comparison to Skeletor. Cobra Commander...please....Mumm-Ra....not even hardly....Gargamel.....get out of town, son. Skeletor was always doing some mad dickish stuff to He-Man and everyone in Eternia. People were always like...."Geeesh that Skeletor is such a dick!"

"Alabama and Skeletor- hating you until you have nothing left in life."

The SEC currently has a real life version of Skeletor.......Alabama. Not just happy to have sold their souls for a National Title-Alabama will not sleep until they win at everything and you have nothing. Auburn just won a National Title and so what do the Bammeroids do in response? They kill Auburn's trees. Killing a glorified agriculture schools trees would be like us going to Atlanta and burning all the GameStops to the ground right in front of the Techies. The best part is the guy who killed the trees called into sports talk, admitted to the deed, and signed off with a "Rollllllllll-Tide"

Hahahahahahahahahahaha! Could you imagine:

Radio: Here is our next caller CCRider in Augusta, CC what's up man?
Rider: I just burned down every GameStop in Atlanta. You can't buy computer games no where now Techies! GO DAWGS!


  1. It "would be like us going to Atlanta and burning all the GameStops to the ground right in front of the Techies."

    Thanks for nailing the analogy I kept whiffing on.

  2. As a Tech guy, I appreciate the analogy... Too true.

    If you're looking to relive those old cartoons and figures - check out http://www.collector-actionfigures.com (site made by 3 UGA guys and a Tech fella) :-)