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Friday, February 4, 2011

Vegas is Trying to Give You Money!

We are two days out from the Super Bowl and Vegas still has the Green Bay Packers as a 2.5 point favorite..........hmmmmmmmmm.....perhapse I am the only one but Pittsburgh is going to handle the Packers, and somewhat easily.

Green Bay's offense caught fire in the play-offs but let me remind you that those were all games against NFC teams and the NFC SUCKS! Green Bay is maybe the 5th best team in the NFL; Pittsburgh, New England, Baltimore, and New York (Jets) are all better than the Packers.

A-Rodge is a good QB but I have never seen the media wash balls so hard. Did Brett Favre act all dickish (intended) to him---of course he did but so what. The media loves Rodgers because he is finally "getting the shot he deserves" .....uhhhh.....this is the NFL no one deserves anything.

The Media will cry and Goodell will fine and maybe suspend Harrison when he decapitates Rodgers on the field, rapes his sister, and burns his house to the ground. Harrsion will not understand the fine saying "I thought this was football not the ballet."

If you think for one second that James Starks is going to run on the Steelers, A-Rodge is going to scramble around the pocket for 10 to 15 seconds and find an open receiver, or Mike McCarthy will out maneuver Dick LeBeau then might I interest you in investing in a pyramid scheme? You will sell a bunch of crap that no one wants and give me all the money, I know is sounds fishy but trust me you will be rich in no time.


  1. Living up to your rep of being often wrong, but seldom in doubt.

  2. I hope you bet your trailer on the game! What an idiot. Once again you show why no one should take this blog seriously.

  3. Pretty easy to call when you wait till after the game huh?