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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lessons in schadenfreude: Tennessee basketball and Bruce Pearl

Obviously, removing the most successful basketball coach in their history, especially one who brought in numerous Georgia high school talents, mostly from the fabled and always loaded Atlanta Celtics AAU program, is good for Mark Fox and his efforts to bring the Hoop Dawgs to a level they're capable of attaining. The complete clustermonkeyshow Mike Hamilton has going up in Knoxville is great for all haters of that ugly orange. But let it be known Vols, we're only here to help. Need a dynamic head coach who can unify your fanbase? Plus with the added touch of having a complete orange wardrobe? We've got your man.

Hey, we never said in what WAY he'd unify the fan base.


  1. Man, I tell you what, I was coming over to check on you guys to see if anyone was joining in on your conversations. Being outlaws is lonely business, ain't it? Keep your chin up. At least you have each other and your 13 dedicated followers.

  2. tommy bowden, obviously