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Monday, March 28, 2011

Review of Georgia Tech's hire for basketball coach = review of their football class

Brian Gregory? Yep, that deserves a "Ha ha!"

What Tennessee losing Bruce Pearl, turmoil in South Carolina, a weak hire by Georgia Tech who lacks local ties for recruiting, as well as no track record of producing NBA players or NCAA Tournament success, means either Mark Fox or Anthony Grant move into prime position to take their pick of the fertile Atlanta recruiting grounds.

What this means for Mark Fox? As said above, it opens a huge door for him to take advantage of with the critical 2012 recruiting class (which has more than half a dozen top 100 players nearby). Combined with the NBA labor situation being worse than the NFL's, that gives hope Trey Thompkins or Travis Leslie, if not both, may decide to stick around for their senior season instead of being locked out. It still requires work to be done, but Georgia basketball may be ready to explode. GATA Fox Hounds!


  1. Are we on vacation or just doing our taxes?

  2. Way to go! One comment. Irrelevant and two weeks after the post but a comment nonetheless. Now we are bloggin!

  3. It's remarkable that the Dawgbone site would quit linking S&G articles but still sees fit to provide links to such drivel as that Bama dork's ridiculous article on Bleacher Report yesterday. I am dumber having read it. Hope you guys get your helmets on and back in the game soon!

  4. Thanks for the support thinking. We've been a bit preoccupied with real life of late (and the spring lull in the collegiate sports world didn't help either), but the place should be picking back up soon.

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