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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ealy Gone and Richt Attempting to Re-earn Our Love

Richtie-Poo in happier days of long ago lore.

Well- well- well I spy with my little eye that CMR has shown the door to an under performing, undisciplined, lazy player. Good job Coach. Naturally we called for this weeks ago but better late than never.

- Lock Down in State Recruits, Check
- Make Changes to S&C, Check
- End the culture of laziness and self-entitlement, not a check just yet but this is a big step in that direction.
- Win more games, pending

We see you trying so hard over there CMR. Keep this up and we just may love again sir.....we just may love again.


  1. Ealey, two E's CC.

    And I'm wondering if Richt played a little fake injury game, like so many of those coaches the self-righteous Richt-o-philes detest. The ol' claim an injury to the media while a kid sits to suspension, since Ealey never played this spring. I'm thinking Richt told him way back when, you're gone, but instead of ruining your academic career, you can finish this semester in school, you aren't in spring practice but we'll tell the Atlanta Urinal-Constipation, etc you got hurt so it makes you look better, and you transfer as soon as the semester is done. The talk of Ealey to Ga Southern has been strong for months, if not a year now.

  2. I love this blog. Thanks for not being retarded, delusional Disney Dawgs. You're damn near the only ones left.

  3. If I start reading S&G again, the terrorists win.

  4. -Anon @ 1:29

    I hate to be the one to break the news to you but S&G is the only thing standing between you and the terrorists.

  5. -Ally Garner

    And we love you as well, darlin'.