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Monday, May 30, 2011

Goodbye Cheaty McSweatervest


That's right, Jim Tressel resigned. Former player and co-DC Luke Fissell is slated to take over, and anyone who thinks that means there'll be a change in the way Ohio St does business is fooling themselves. Despite all the Big We Can't Count's holier than thou talk about how clean they are and how dirty the SEC is, it's never been anything but talk. Their marquee program has been swimming in mud like Auburn or Clemson (and since Clemson is just Auburn with a Lake, maybe that makes Ohio State Auburn with Yankees?). See Andy Katzenmoyer, Terry Glenn and his lovely 0.0 gpa, Maurice "The Mossad is gonna get me" Clarett, and the current mess. The talk of players getting free cars has been going on for years. Their basketball program got slapped a few years ago under Jim O'Brien. So they "clean house" by staying in house. Well done Ohio St. We can't wait to see how much money you throw at Urban Meyer come December. But either way, don't expect them to clean up their act anytime soon. Or the NCAA to ever do anything about their baby's crooked hypocrisy. Nor will they ever beat an SEC team without NCAA help (does their decision to allow Pryor, etc to play in the bowl game look any less like bulldung now?).

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