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Monday, May 2, 2011

Hey Dabo and Richt Rollin 6's and Going Home Broke.

The Bible tells us that 7 is God's perfect number. So 6 is almost perfect but if you add two more 6's then you have the mark of the Beast. The number 6 holds meaning in the world of football as well. If you run a college football program and you have 6 players drafted in the NFL draft- then one can assume that your program is flush with talent.

This past weekend Mark Richt and Dabo Sweeney each had six players drafted into the NFL. In the case of Clempsun they had four defensive players and two offensive players drafted, for the Dawgs it was four on offense and two on defense. What we can tell you is that of the eleven defensive starters on the field for Clempsun better than 1/3 of them are confirmed NFL talent and more players than that are most likely to be in the NFL. That exact same assumption can be made of Georgia on offense. The immediate question is...."How are both of these teams 6-7 with embarrassing defeats in crappy bowl games?"
In Athens the answer to that question is complicated, complex, layered, and most important fixable. In a word the problem is "COMPLACENCY" and that can be corrected (with the understanding that if it is fixed it will never be tolerated again).
Clempsun is much easier....They hired an unqualified goober to coach their football team. Mostly because they were stupid and kept giving Tummy Bowden extensions and essentially couldn't afford a real football coach. (For a team that copies everything Auburn does Clempsun needs to learn how to break out the old check book). Richt has bought himself a great deal of good faith by playing in three and winning two SEC title game, and by pulling in one of Georgia's all time best recruiting hauls. In Dabo's case he pulled some talent but Clempsun fans know as well as the rest of us he can't coach so all the talent in the world won't matter.

With the draft over and spring football upon us-- two coaches (very close to each other geographically) are each looking at a season in which they can either amaze their fans by righting a wayward ship or each can get in the back of the unemployment line.


  1. Clumpsum made a fatal error in the early 90s when they didn’t pull out all the stops to get in the SEC just about the time FSU began its raping and pillaging of that conference. You can’t build a football power in a conference where half the schools have football a distant third behind basketball and lacrosse. They should’ve leveraged the legacy of Danny Ford, the awesomest, redneckest, cheatin’est, crookededest good ol’ boy coach ever, into the premier football conference in the land. Instead they’ve been stuck with half a dozen Ray Gump clones, who can pack a stadium with 85000 screaming fans to watch them blow easily winnable games. Heck, even South Carolina was able to lure the ol’ ball coach to Hell’s Screen Porch with the promise of SEC competition. Clem will never be any sort of football power again (unless the SEC expands and lets them in).

  2. Thinking Dawg
    Living on the GA/SC line I have had to hear Clempsun belly-achin' for years. Let's set the record straight:
    -the SEC never wanted or considered Clempsun
    -depending on who you ask the SEC wanted Texas/TXAM, when that didn't work they went Arkansas/FSU, when FSU said no they settled on Ark/SC.
    - Clempsun was never even considered because, we already had Auburn, also
    -in the State of SC you have 3 major media markets in this order: 1. Columbia 2. Charleston 3. Greenville/Spartanburg. The Cocks own Columbia and Charleston (each of which is much larger than the G-vegas/Sparkle City market).

    In the end it was a simple question of $. With or without a Carolina school the SEC would still pull the top SC talent on the reg but the t.v. markets not the football team decided.

    Clempsun fans claim they told the SEC no.......HAHAHAHA!
    Clempsun fans act like ACC football is as good as SEC football......HAHAHAHA!
    The only fans in the world that can rival Clempsun for a perfect balance of delusional, irrelevant, and white-trashyness is West Virginia.