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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Newton v. Tebow: A Final Shot on the Panthers Wasted Pick.

Selecting a QB in the first round of a draft is a tricky proposition. One could venture to say that there has not been a sure thing on the board since the Colts turned in their first round pick in 1998. Making a bad selection in the first round can set your team back a whole year. Making a bad selection in the top five picks can set in back two or three years. Making a bad pick with the number one overall selection can set a franchise back five years. Making a bad selection on a QB with the top overall pick can ruin a franchise. On Thursday the Panthers really had four options:

a. Take the best player available regardless of position- Patrick Peterson,
b. Take the best available and most versatile player at a premium position- Marcel Dareus,
c. Ignore the maturity and alleged drug issues and take the best QB on the board- Ryan Mallett,
d. Smoke a bunch of crack and then make a decision that will financially ruin their franchise.

Carolina went with (d) much to the delight of the rest of the NFC South (when in doubt on a multiple choice always go with (c) how do you think I passed the multi-state portion of the bar exam? Straight C's son just like my grades in Law School)

When looking at a QB here are a few rules that S&G will apply as soon as that GM job offer comes rollin' in.

1. You need the three M's- Mechanics, Maturity, Mental Ability- Tebow lacked proper mechanics. It is difficult to break old habits and re-teach the throwing motion (but not impossible). Tebow had more maturity than anyone since Peyton. Tebow also had lots of mental ability. Tebow's motion can be fixed and he has the maturity and mental ability to put in the work and learn. Newton on the other hand lacks all three M's. His mechanics are as bad as Tebow's, his Wonderlic didn't exactly set the world on fire, and his maturity is obviously wanting in a big way.
2. You need the three S's- Spin, Size, Strength- Spin is throwing ability and that means a combination of accuracy and arm strength. Newton and Tebow are both adequate on their spin but neither of them is Jay Cutler or Ryan Mallett. Size is self explanatory and Tebow and Newton have it in spades. Strength is not only the ability to lift weights but also the ability to take a hit and avoid injury. Tebow lived in the fire of the SEC as a starter for three seasons and his catch-as-catch-can style often showed little or no regard for his own body. He did suffer one concussion but he also played a lot more snaps than did Newton. Don't get me wrong...Newton has all three S's but you need the S's & M's (pun intended) and he is lacking all three M's.
3. QB, Center, and Middle LB are not instinct positions- so the Wonderlic test matters for these guys. Tebow has and will put in the necessary work to devour yet another new playbook for this season. Newton was given a 900 page play-book by the Panthers and chances are he can't even count to 900. ( FYI for the Panthers marketing department--try to avoid close-ups of Newton's face because he gets more cross-eyed the closer the camera gets and that ain't gonna help you when trying to convince the people of Charlotte that he is smart enough to read D's and be a starter).
4. Black scrambling QB's don't work out- McNabb became a passer but never a great one, Moon was a pocket passer, and McNair was a passer and more of an elusive guy than a scrambler. Unless a white scrambler learns to throw he won't make it either. Young, Tarkenton, and Elway became passers (well except for Elway he just learned to hand the ball to TD). Vick was the pinnacle of what a black scrambling QB could possibly be, but it was not until a stint in prison (not exactly a sentence you want to see attached to a number one overall pick) that he felt like he lost a step and started throwing more-- then he became a pretty good QB. A scrambler in college is able to key in on the guys that are not NFL caliber on the field. Even in the SEC where the D's are so deep and even on the elite teams like Alabama and LSU those guys are still on the field. In the NFL errrrebody is fast. All defensive players black and white starters and back-ups are all fast. They are all talented. There is no one on that field at any given time that is making it solely on hard work and force of will, they all have at least a little talent.

Poise, maturity, leadership, dedication, desire, and selflessness overshadowed Tebow's poor mechanics and a college career spent in the shot-gun within a system that will not translate. Those are the reasons why he was not a bad late first round pick.

Off-field honesty issues, immaturity, selfish style, poor mechanics, poor down-field vision, lack of intelligence, a career spent in the shot-gun, excelled in a system that will not translate to the NFL, all the bad qualities of Vince Young, JaMarcus Russell, Mike Vick, Ryan Leaf, and Jeff George---what a deal for the Panthers with the number one pick.

The bottom line is if you apply the four principals above and their is any question within those four principals then you do not use the top pick on that QB. Peyton Manning had all four of those principals on lock down and that made him the #1 overall pick. Mike Vick and JaMarcus Russell had tons of questions there and that is why they are not with their original team, have no rings, have lengthy rap sheets, and are busts for the Falcons and the Raiders.

The Romans once said of their adversary Hannibal Barca "He never asked a solider to do any task he was not willing to do himself." That was praise for the man's ability as a leader and could be a true assessment of Tebow's attitude and leadership qualities
The Romans also had another saying about Hannibal "Hannibal ante portas" which means "Hannibal is before the Gate." This became a popular Roman saying to refer to a situation being dire and with impending disaster. This is appropriate for the Panthers...."Newton ante portas" and disaster for that franchise is impending.


  1. Dawgbone + S&G = just a lover's quarrel..that's all.
    I love you baby. welcome back sugar sweets.

  2. Anon @ 5:49

    Yep-- and like any husband we didn't know when we had done something wrong, and we didn't know when we had been forgiven. We're just rollin with the punches over here.

  3. I agree with most of what you say but a 890 on the SAT does not indicated Tebow has great mental capacity.

  4. -Anon @4:26

    I don't know if I am more surprised that the Mighty Bow scored that low or that we actually know what his SAT sore was.