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Monday, May 16, 2011

Peeling Back the Curtain on the Mighty Oz and them 96 Wins.

White suit? Front Porch Sitting? You sir look a little too indicative of the Ole South, and are
therefore banned from all Ole Miss sporting events!

The boys over at Hedges to Hardwood are snooping around a dirty little secret that we, along with Mark Twain have known for years. There are lies, damn lies, and statistics !
An issue we have covered at great length:
and here

Look we really like the H2H blog. We respect what they are trying to do....give a non-partisan analysis of the Richt era and the record that so many Richt-O-Philes clutch in their arms as they sleep at night.
96 wins is a whole lot of wins.......but 0 ain't a lot of National Championships. In fact since the beginning of Richt's tenure the following teams from the SEC have won the SEC championship:
Now juxtapose that list with this list....here are the SEC schools that have won a National Title since the beginning of the Richt tenure:
Do you notice who is conspicuous by their absence in the second list?

Georgia has lost two non-conference--non-Georgia Tech games under Richt. Elite teams do not lose these games (of course elite SEC schools also have no business scheduling at Colorado, at Oklahoma St, and Boise State games). Richt has lost to Vanderbilt......case closed he lost to Vandy. Vandy doesn't even have an athletic department and they play their home games on a middle school field and Georgia has lost to them. Richt has lost more than once to Kentucky. Richt has lost to Mississippi State. Richt has lost to Arkansas. RICHT HAS LOST A BOWL GAME TO A CONFERENCE USA TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Be very careful over there H2H because you may unearth the dirtiest little secret Athens has to offer......The record is all smoke and mirrors. Richt's success came during a period of transition....Saban was leaving LSU, Bama was at it's lowest point ever, Auburn was fighting against Tuberville, Florida was transitioning out of the Spurrier era, Fulmer was slipping in Tennessee, and South Carolina was lost in the wilderness that is Lou Holtz's mind.

A Saban fueled Bama team, a well stocked LSU team in-spite of it's insane HC, a well paid Auburn team, and an Arkansas and Missy St. with excellent HC's in the West-----A South Carolina with a non-retard at HC, a Florida team that is (well all Florida has to do is wake up in the morning to beat us), and a stabilizing Tennessee team. The SEC is as strong as it has ever been. There is no more low hanging fruit. There are no more teams (other than Ole Miss) that will get in their own way.
Richt is nearing the end of his grace period. His Fabian strategy of delay can't possibly be accepted anymore. No more transitioning to a 3-4 defense despite not having the personnel to do so in an attempt to create an excuse for poor performance "Well you know it will take time to get the 3-4 down." This is the SEC and the only thing you don't have the luxury of is time. No more recalling past glories because with every day that passes the memory of such past deeds fades a little more. Richt has this year and this year only to do something special. Let's be honest his record was great and it bought him a pass on a 6 win season with an ugly bowl loss to Central Florida.
Have we seen changes? yes. Can he salvage this thing? yes.
However, a new S&C program after 5 years of an obsolete one puts us behind the eight-ball when facing other SEC teams that did not have HC's and AD's that let S&C and Nutrition go for so many years. S&C is a process of building a little more every day on the work from the day before. Other SEC schools have a huge lead on us here. Finally pulling in that elusive dream-team from Georgia is great....but that should be the norm at Georgia not a gimmick for a lame duck coach. Freshmen can help but Freshmen will not win against the experienced gladiators of the SEC.
As for H2H keep up the good work...don't wear the rose colored glasses...demand that Georgia be all that it can be....and don't be fooled by the record.


  1. I know this blog likes to just throw sh*t at the wall and see what sticks but, come on, do a little leg work.

    Saban was with LSU from 2000-2004, Richt started in 2001, that's 4 years DURING Richt's tenure (how do you brush that off as "on his way out"). LSU won the MNC in 2003 and went to two SEC championship games during those 4 years.

    Alabama was 10-3 in 2002 when we beat them. I can only hope we are that down this year.

    Have you seen Auburn's record in the 2000s? Either your definition of "down" is winning less than 10 games every year or you don't like to be bothered by the "busy work" of checking stats. The same goes for UF & UT. 2005 and 2008 were the only bad years UT had; Florida was 7-5 in 2004, that's it.

    I know, I know, I'm a kool-aid drinking Richt-O-Phile who can't understand that you are just spitting the honest "facts" found in the wilderness of your mind. The trouble I have with your "facts" is they smell an awful lot like my morning #2s do (I'll save you some time, that means poop).

  2. -Anon @ 11:12

    Let me ask you a few question-

    Is Alabama better now with Saban or back when they had Shula and Dubose?

    Was LSU a National Power when Saban got there or did he have to spend three seasons building them up, win a Nat Title, have a solid team in 04' and then depart? Did Les Miles walk into arguable the best job in the country after Nick Saban laid the infrastructure for success?

    Did the UT Hillbillies have better teams in the late 90s or in the early to mid-00s?

    I never said Auburn was down what I mentioned was the stormy relationship they had with T-Tubs before and right after their undefeated season in which they got no love from the BCS. (Remember the jumping on a jet and going to Louisville for Bobby-P thing?)

    -Who replaced Spurrier at UF? Is that guy still there? If not is he a winner where he is now? When was the last time Illinois won the Big Ten?

    -Face it 02' and 05' were well timed back door jobs just like the Shamecocks winning the East this year. Now I am not knocking Richt too hard because at least he got in the back door when it was open, that is something Donnan and Goof both failed to do.

  3. Did you really just say the Richt hired Grantham and went to a 3-4 so he could have an excuse for losing? I'm sure he wants to lose and is looking for excuses to make it possible. Come on.

  4. -Anon@1:19

    No I'm sure Richt wants to win and win right now. What I'm not sure of is
    a) his understanding of what is expected, and
    b) his ability given the current state of the SEC.
    I mean if I lost to Florida every year, and managed to be the only SEC Championship Coach in my era to not win a National Title; and thousands of mouth breathers defended me to the bitter end-- I probably wouldn't understand the problem with mediocrity either.

    I know why he targeted Grantham and so do you. The SEC is like the NFL a copy cat league and Richt wants a little of what Saban is bringing to the table on Defense. If Georgia sticks to it (and gets a real S&C program) the Dawg D may be able to rival Bama's in a couple of seasons.
    What I am saying here is that it is awful convenient...I mean the transition and all....it buys you some time.

  5. Your premise was that Richt's record was all smoke and mirrors. You proceeded to back-up that premise by making statements about those teams that directly implied they were less formidable then than they are now. That's BS, the SEC was just as tough then as it is now and all those teams (excepting South Carolina) were good more often then they were not. He wasn't cake-walking through a weak conference; your premise is wrong and your follow-up questions won't prove it otherwise.

    '05 was a well-timed backdoor job? Shockley doesn't get hurt against AR and we probably go undefeated in the regular season. How you can belittle past team accomplishments to prove your point is beyond me. Guess that's why I'm not a hyperbolic blogger.

  6. -Anon@1:34

    My premise was that the SEC as a whole was not as strong then as now. I then asked you a series of questions that I already knew the answer to so that when you answered them it would prove my point.
    LSU was emerging from the quagmire that was Gerry DiNardo when Saban got there. LSU was not a National Power in 2000...they were a joke. Saban built that program from the ground up. Saban then left out of the blue for the NFL.
    DuBose and Shula were less than average coaches that got the Bamam gig because of some tie to Bear Bryant (you see Alabama fans were for many years what you are now...accepting of mediocrity because they were members of a cult of personality more than fans of football).
    Auburn fought against T-Tubs because he wasn't quite as dirty as Pat Dye had been, and that contentious relationship hurt Auburn.
    Ole Miss was still Ole Miss then and now.
    Arkansas ws up and down with Rev. Nutt but Petrino is an elite offensive mind (if he stays).
    Missy State was a joke then but under Dan Mullen they are making great strides.
    Tennessee was good early in Richt's tenure, got bad, got really bad, hired Kiffin, lost Kiffin, got stuck with a guy who had to be the 15th choice on the list. In fact I will give you that UT is probably worse now than when Richt got to Athens.
    Vandy is Vandy (but we managed to lose to them under Richt).
    Kentucky has made great strides in the past 5 years. Can Joker Phillips keep it going? I don't know but they are a lot better than they were when Richt first got to Athens.
    Florida had an offensive genius, replaced him with a retard, replaced him with Urban, all the while beating Richt on the reg.
    South Carolina is 100 times better now.

    What you want is a statute to Mark Richt errected when the truth of the matter is the SEC was not as strong during his most successful years.

  7. Saban left after we spanked his ass 45-16 in 2004. What's your spin on that? He wasn't really trying that year?!?

    Your statements about Bama may have relevance to the price of tea in China but doesn't change the strength of their team in 2002. That was a good team we (barely) beat.

    What in the hell are you talking about with Auburn? Auburn was tough as hell to play as a team all decade long. We are talking about WINS, right? Who cares about the rest of that garbage.

    As for the rest of your statements, that's SEC football. UT gets sucky, South Carolina gets good. UF goes mediocre, great, good, mediocre. There's always someone getting great while someone else wets the bed.

    Listen, all I'm saying is you are over-reaching when you say his record in the 2000s is Smoke & Mirrors. It was the SEC then, it's the SEC now. You're laying a foundation that can't be supported.

  8. Any time you have to type that much to back track (errrrr explain your "premise") you start looking more and more like Lucy Arrnaz. Nice.

    Answer this one Batman - Which team wanted to play Georgia at the end of the 02 or 07 seasons?

  9. Anon 3:08
    Well Saban isn't always going to win but I'm sure that his 2 Nat titles are consolation for his one loss to Richt.

    Anon 3:59
    Way to tell me there Corky. In 07 I would say South Carolina since they beat us or LSU since they won the Nat Title. In 02 USC for starters then Florida since regardless of coach they always seem to beat us despite having the reincarnation of Vince Lombardi on our sidelines. Way to point out two teams that "almost" did what UF twice,LSU twice,Bama,and Auburn actually have done in the Richt-era. Enjoy your ugly wife, crappy job, and all other mediocre things in life that you are sure is "just good enough"

  10. You're reeking in objectivitiy - journalism ethics and all that.

    By the way, my wife's fine and I know what you do for a living. Advice: Don't go there.

  11. Damn, it's good to have the old CC Rider back!