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Monday, May 2, 2011

Post Draft Wrap-Up: Where Them Dawgs Went and Who Them Fawlcoons Took.

Well the most interest I expend on NFL football just got used up this weekend. I love the draft but the NFL.....well I like it but it ain't college ball. Here is how the Ol' Boys at S&G saw the draft.

1. Buffalo Bills- Best most versatile D-lineman in the draft, second best corner in the second round, very underrated SEC line backer in the third, very athletic corner in the fourth (one of a number of North Carolina players who fell but are very talented), strong and gritty LB from the SEC in the 6th, only gambled on one pick but it was their extra pick in the fourth, two small school guys late but guys with potential.

2. Cleveland Browns- Get an extra 1st and 4th for next year. An excellent and mammoth DT in the first, a value pick in the 2nd, followed by another very talented Tarheel that fell to them with their 2nd pick in the 2nd, athletic project at TE in the 4th, a two-way beast that will settle as a FB and Peyton Hillis' escort also in the 4th, additionally made a few stretches but you have that luxury when you have so many picks.

3. Detroit Lions- Biggest value pick of the draft with the 13th overall selection (also solidified their run defense for the next decade), The pundits loved the Titus Young pick in the 2nd but I thought it was a reach, 2nd best running back available and also a value pick at 57th in the 2nd round, a few head scratchers but they were in the later rounds.

1. Carolina Panthers- Wiped their franchise's butt with the number one overall pick. Congrats.....you sucked enough to have the #1 pick and you used it to take Vince Young's skills, JaMarcus Russell's attitude, a young Mike Vick's arrogance, and Vince Young's brain. Then proceeded to throw darts at your draft board and take whoever it landed on. As a redeeming bonus however, Carolina did have the best value pick of the seventh round. Also failed to adhere to the CCRider "too many Samoans on the team bus" rule......good luck persuading Free Agents to come to a locker room that smells like SPAM-Farts.
2. Minnesota Vikings- With one of the most talented and NFL ready pro-style passers since Matt Ryan on the board (Mallett) the Vikings took a 4th round talent with the 12th overall pick. Failed to get an adequate replacement for Sidney Rice or Ray Edwards who are probably gone once the labor crap gets settled.
t3. San Francisco/ Tennessee- Two new regimes that drafted like two regimes that will be replaced in three years. Each took a QB with one of their first two picks and neither is an NFL caliber player. Tennessee did have a value pick in the 2nd but the rest of the picks for both teams were terrible.

Best Value Picks by Rounds
1st- Detroit Nick Fairley 13th (top 5 talent)
2nd- NYG Marvin Austin 52nd (first round talent with off field issues)
3rd- NE Ryan Mallett 74th (hands down the best QB in the draft, tons
of talent, no more character issues than
Newton, Should sit for three years before
becoming starter after NE trades Brady to
Oakland for their entire 2014, 2015, and 2016
drafts, should have been #1 pick)
4th- Cincy Clint Boling 101st (2nd round talent with great versatility)
5th- ATL Jizz Rodgers 145th (game breaker and versatile- and you know I
nailed the nickname)
6th- KC Jerrell Powe 199th (pro bowl talent in the 6th round)
7th- Car Lee Ziemba 244th (stand out veteran of many SEC campaigns
talented enough to transition into a good RG)


Was I the only one who felt bad for AJ? Cinncy is where players (especially Bulldogs) go to waste away. Was I the only one that felt bad for Boling......wait I already covered this point. Akeem Dent and Justin Houston + a real S&C coach + a nutritionist + plus being on a non-complacent team could = Greatness. As far as Durham goes-- my mind called it a stretch but my heart called it payment due for a guy who played his heart out despite all of the "not caring" that went on around him last year. If Durham was perceived justice Chapas getting drafted was real justice.


Yes they paid a lot for Julio but if he is a down filed blocking beast and a guy that uses his big body and strength to beat corners and safeties he may have been worth it. Dent could end up being a steal in the 3rd. The sheer anticipation of the loud-speaker blasting Little John's "AWW SKEETSKEETSKEETSKEET...AWWWWWW SKEETSKEETSKEET" balances out any durability issues on Jizz in the 5th. A punter late.....I know I know but hey-- you do need guys who can kick the ball. Andrew Jackson is supposed to be a steal here but we will see. I thought Cliff Matthews was a great value pick in the seventh. I continue to be greatly impressed with the post Petrino/Vick front office in Atlanta.


  1. Love you guys. Glad you're back on dawgbone so I keep up easily! Great posts this weekend. Laughing my ass off.

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