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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Russell Wilson- Has Already Landed with a New Team?

It wasn't all that long ago that Russell Wilson burst on to the college football scene with a gutsy Thursday night performance against the Gamecocks. Fast forward and Mr. Wilson is a man without a team. Numerous outlets are reporting that he could land with an SEC team. Most trustworthy here in Dawg country is the Just Upright Senator's Analysis of yesterday.

We at S&G can go ahead and put all the anxiety of Cock, Bayou Bengal, and Big Gay Men Nations to rest. We already know where Wilson will land:


They need a QB, Wilson is a QB. They need a scrambler, Wilson is a scrambler. There are rules to recruiting a player like Wilson, Auburn cares not for your silly rules. Ole Miss and South Carolina are paupers compared to Auburn and the way they makes in rain up in da' club. LSU has Auburn-like money but they just landed Metts. Metts should be able to pry the job away Kid Dynomite JJ Jefferson- that is unless other teams figure out a way to get Metts Kryptonite on the field (and by Metts Kryptonite I of course mean Titties glorious, soft, lovely chesticles).

"Money, hoes, and clothes...big ol' bank rolls is all a Tigger knows!"


  1. The AU slogan is great, spot on for five generations.

  2. Dude - your back on the dawgbone after months of exile. My many posts of "boycot the bone" may have paid off.