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Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Discussion: Oversigning...

Two questions on the subject, and we welcome your feedback, opinion, and discussion in the comments.
1) Why is Nick Saban the poster boy for oversigning when SEC West compatriots Bobby Petrino and Houston Nutt sign numbers that would make Il Principe (Italian for Little Prince) shudder?

2) Could Mark Richt be seeing the light on targeting for say 86-88 instead of 85, to reduce the effects of natural parting on the depth chart?


  1. Is this mic on? Anyone out there?

  2. When ya go huntin, you don't always come back with supper.

  3. 1. The difference is obvious. You just have to look at in terms of Halloween candy. When the bag is emptied (talent in the region), Nick Satan claims alls the Reeses Cups and Snickers candy bars, while Petrino and Nutt get the raisins and off-brand suckers. Did Petrino and Nutt get more? - sure, but nobody wants that crap. All the desirable candy went to upstate Bama.

    2. I'd like to think Richt would factor in an insurance policy to offset natural ebb and flow of young men in the program; however, i'm not convinced. I also think that Georgia has gotten into the habit of only chasing elite players (nose in the air), which will always result in less than capacity recruiting classes.

  4. Anon @ 9:19,

    That's an excellent point on #1 I hadn't considered. Well put. I also think with their success, it's easier to point at Saban and say that's why he's doing so well and we aren't. Where as with Petrino, and definitely with Nutt, it's not really helping them increase the win total. I think that'll change for Petrino, as he's a very smart coach and with talent can do damage. Nutt on the other hand, I'll be shocked the next time he wins 10 in a season.