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Monday, June 27, 2011

Go Gamecocks!

Yep, go Gamecocks. Beat Florida. We'd rather the Chicken Penii win that have to deal with the insufferable Saurians enjoying another in their seemingly endless run of recent national titles in everything.

/apparently the picture changed, here's a new one


  1. SC fans will figure out a way to turn a baseball championship into reason why their football team will win one. I live among them. They are sick people. They do have hotter girls than that one though. She will make a good wife one day I'll bet. Hopefully she will learn how to cook that chicken instead of just stick it one her head.

  2. They won a baseball title last year. It's a bit like the Cubs, the loveable loser role. As said, I've heard them crow. Deep down, all the chickens know they aren't real contenders for the throne. Florida on the other hand is trying to build an all around dominant athletics program. And Jeremy Foley sure is doing a helluva job making sure every sport they got is competing not just for SEC crowns but national ones.

  3. And while the pendulum has swung a bit too far in the other direction, it is nice to actually watch a baseball game instead of Home Run Derby in Omaha. I like the new bats.

  4. -Booger Press

    We also live amongst many of the Cock faithful and understand where you are coming from.
    What I believe they will actually do is become the baseball version of North Carolina.
    They will start calling themselves a "Baseball School" and you will start hearing the following comments from them during the football season:
    "Just wait till baseball starts"
    "I really like football but I live for baseball"
    "How is baseball recruiting going, did we sign that catcher?"
    "Its hard to be dominant in all sports- I mean we are a baseball school you know."