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Thursday, June 30, 2011

If you ain't cheatin, you ain't tryin

Bylaw Blog is back. If you are unfamiliar with it's former incantation before the author was outed, go check it out and spend some time when you have it to spare. The site is an excellent resources for fans of college athletes on how compliance works in practice and in theory.

On Monday, he pointed out an interesting fact.

Not until USC’s 2004 BCS and AP national titles were vacated had a football or men’s basketball championship been vacated. By the NCAA’s own definition, all the other championships are clean. .... Put another way, how many national championships in football and men’s basketball were won by programs with no major violations? As you might guess, the answer here is a bit less encouraging:

  • Men’s Basketball: 8/73 titles – Georgetown, Holy Cross, Loyola (Chicago), Marquette, Oklahoma State (2), Stanford, Wyoming
  • Football: 4/89 titles (Poll Era) – Penn State (2), BYU (2)
If you've paid attention, you've noticed how uneven and inconsistent NCAA penalties are, so the fact that just UCS's title was vacated doesn't mean prior titles weren't tainted (see the connection between Duke, Corey Magette, and Myron Piggie). So the question remains, just how "pure" is this amateur athletics we call NCAA sports? And is an upstanding man like Mark Richt the type of guy who, as history is showing, capable of winning national titles if he's not willing to break a little rule here or there to get the job done? Hopefully signs like this one indicate he's more willing to shade into the gray areas of NCAA ethics than his often holier-than-thou fanbase would admit. But the question still remains, are we deceiving ourselves by holding to the idea of "student-athletes" and "amateurism" when it comes to major college athletics, especially the two primary revenue sports of football and men's hoops.


  1. Call us when they strip Auburn of their title and we will care.

  2. proof winning requires a willing to go at least somewhere in to the grey. Auburn goes pretty deep in.

  3. Clearly, Auburn is the National Champion and just a clearly although Reggie Bush has not turned in his Heisman Trophy as he implied he would repeatedly to the press, Cam Newton's is his Heisman Trophy. They beat us by 3 TD because although we were passing against their poor pass defense, we felt a need to balance the offense and run against one of the nation's best rushing defenses and lost by 3 TD when we were doing well passing and had the score close.

    Our problem here at UGA is that we hype the coach as great when he really doesn't beat the truly great teams, and does lose to the really lousy teams. That we have no running game and have not had. That we are a pass-happy offense. And, are best described as poor offensive play-calling. That our head coach criticizes our players and defends his poor coaching staff no one wants.

    And, we have a lot of negative publicity.

    I was reading a Bleacher Report, Hans, this morning by


    His thoughts on how you win a national championship is that the coach should criticize the players and blame the players - not his own poor offensive coaching staff.

    "The Georgia Bulldogs' football fan in Macon at the Walnut Creek Shooting Preserve Thursday night April 28, 2011 said plainly to Mark Richt that he was unhappy with Georgia’s running game, running backs, play-calling, a lack of scoring, not enough rushing, and too much passing."

    “I’ve seen teams throw the ball and win the national championship; I’ve seen teams run the ball and win the national championship,” Mark Richt said. “Believe me, you can win the SEC doing it more than one way. Steve Spurrier, when he was at Florida, he chunked the ball, and he won how many SECs?”

    “I see your frustration, I understand your frustration,” Richt said, politely but sternly. “I wasn’t born yesterday, I’ve coached football for 25 years, so I know what the hell I’m doing, OK?”

    “I appreciate your passion, I appreciate your support for this football team,” he said. “Everybody can just calm down and know that we’re in good hands.”

    "Richt said in a one-and-one beforehand and during his talk that tailback is his biggest concern, and he was asked how to motivate often-in-trouble Washaun Ealey."

    “All those guys have had ample time in my opinion to take a hold of it,” Richt said, pointing also to upperclassman Caleb King. “No one has. That’s been the most disappointing (thing for) me probably the last couple seasons is that, that position didn’t get solidified by somebody there who was capable.”

    "He said earlier that the position is more than open."

    “The bottom line is we don’t have a tailback right now who deserves to start, in my opinion,” Richt said. “We don’t have a guy that’s proven that he can do all the things we’re going to ask that guy to do. There’s nobody that will stand up and say, ‘This is my job, I’m taking it and I’m keeping it.’ ”

  4. ***********************

    This is what actually occurred April 28, 2011. It was not as you characterize it as a


    not a


    but a Georgia Bulldogs' football fan who was not criticizing Mark Richt's prior performance as you attempt to rewrite history, but a criticism of the


    and, the


    and, the


    And, despite your attempts to paint the picture differently than it actually was, Mark Richt actually totally agreed with the Georgia Bulldogs' football fan on the issue of the running backs, themselves - now, didn't he Andrew Hall sir ?

    What Mark Richt took exception to was the


    and, the criticism of his


    Mark Richt DEFENDED the play-calling, DEFENDED the pass-happy offense of Mike Bobo, DEFENDED the offensive coaching staff assembled despite their utter lack of any semblance of a running game and when they did run, it was against teams such as Auburn who had no passing defense and against whom we were successful in passing against them, but still we tried to run the football against 1 of the nation's best rushing defenses and lost by 3 touchdowns as a direct result in a blow-out of Biblical Proportions.

    Mark Richt ALSO




    Take 1 more look please at the list of the Top 10 Running Backs in The SEC heading into 2011-2012, and note what it is this Top College Football Conference does, and why this SEC has therefore won 5 national championships in a row.

    This is what Mark Richt has done from the beginning, when in 2001 he announced that he had knocked the lid off this # 11 all-time in 1-A wins college football program by beating a team who finished # 4 in the AP Poll and LOST FOUR (4) GAMES 2001 in so doing this feat of knocking the lid off this # 11 program with his 4 Losses.

    Now, after 10 seasons, he has a 3-9 record against teams who finished in the AP Poll Top 10 and 10 additional Losses in 10 years against teams who did not finish in the AP Poll Top 25. And, of course, the heat has turned up on Mark Richt's coaching staff including but not limited to ESPECIALLY the OFFENSIVE COACHING STAFF assembled by Mark Richt and the PLAY-CALLING.

    And, Mark Richt BLAMED THE PLAYERS.

    This is why we are not winning national championships while The SEC has won the last 5 in a row and 7 of the 12 BCS National Championships not VACATED by cheating.