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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Patterson to Georgia Campaign Stop Number 1- Why the 4-2-5 is Superior to the 3-4

As the official unofficial campaign manager of the Patterson to Georgia 2012 campaign I am going to spend this summer making various "stops" here on Sports and Grits to explain why Gary Patterson and his regime would be far superior to what we currently have. Let me make note that I do not know who my cohorts, Mr. Sanchez and SamDizel, prefer to replace Richt (if anyone). What I do know is that I am sick and tired of hearing people say "Well I mean who would we get to replace Richt"
When I hear those words I immediately dismiss the speaker as someone that the State should have euthanized at birth not only for population control but also in an effort to de-muddy the gene pool. I have selected Gary Patterson as the answer to that non-sense statement. He is far superior to Mark Richt in all phases and measurable that one would apply to a Head Football Coach (and by measurable I mean things that actually apply to a football coach not crap like--He is such a good person).
Today's stop is all about Defense. You remember defense because we used to play it at Georgia. In fact we used to play it under Richt although through no fault of Richt. When BVG was roaming the sidelines in Athens we had defense, discipline, tenacity, aggression, etc. Since the departure of BVG (much like Tummy Bowden without Rich Rod) there has been a steady decline. Richt's first answer to that was to infect the program with Football AIDS, Willie Martinez. The new answer is to bring in one of a thousand former Saban ball-washers to install what we can only assume is supposed to be the Alabama Defense.
The other day your humble servants here at S&G, myself and SamDizel, were in Home Depot trying to give Big Arthur a little extra money for free-agency when ever free agency happens this year. As we turned the corner we passed by an older man and his adult son. The son was obviously an unfortunate soul that down here we refer to as a little "touched" in the head. Naturally the Dizel-Train was all decked out in his Georiga regalia and as we passed the two the man child said "Go Dawgs." Naturally the Dizel responded with a "Go Dawgs" but then the man child said one other thing--
"The bad thing about the Dawgs is they will never win a Super Bowl" from the mouths of babes huh.
That statement got me thinking.........
Where is the 3-4 defense most widely used?
The NFL.
Why do they use the 3-4 in the NFL?
The NFL is a glorified arena league that has rules crafted to favor offensive passing attacks because that is what the "casual" fan likes.
Why is the 3-4 beneficial?
In the NFL everyone is fast and everyone is good-- there are few true mismatches in the NFL and the 3-4 helps defenses match up against pass happy offenses.
You will note that the answer to all my questions revolve around the NFL. Remember, the Dawgs will never win a Super Bowl because Georgia is not a professional franchise but a college team. There will always be very clear mis-matches that can be exploited by superior teams in college. In college you have well over 100 D-1 teams (only 32 in the NFL)--that means there are lots of players that are not good enough to be on the field in college.
Everyone in the NFL runs essentially the same offense but in college there is the spread, spread option, pistol, fun and gun, and even the Big Unjun and his flexible boner attack. These variations are designed to exploit the weaker players that every team has. However, in his doctoral dissertation entitled "Multiplicity but Simplicity" (but should have been named "Yelling and Nut-Punching- A Definitive Guide to Molding Boys into Men Via the 4-2-5 Defense") Patterson describes how the 4-2-5 allows the DC the flexibility to conform to any offensive attack while keeping the play calling simple and allowing the defense to be what it should be-- all about instinct. The dissertation can be found and analyzed:
Here, and
This flexibility also allows you to make the best use of the talent that you have on your team. Last year I was beaten into a comatose state by the statement "Well, you know....it is gonna take some time to establish the 3-4. We don't have the players for it yet and we need a huge NT." Let me tell you something. If you ask any NFL GM "What is the hardest position to fill?" They will most likely tell you to a man "Quarterback." There are 32 NFL teams but there are never 32 QBs to go around. There is always around 10 or 12 teams that need a QB. Now, if you ask one of the 14 teams that run the 3-4 defense that same question now I bet the answer would be something along the lines of-- "Quarterback but it is starting to get almost as hard to find a gigantic, space eating, agile, NT for our defense." There aren't 14 guys like that anywhere. Alabama had it working year before last but there ain't many Mt. Cody's out there.
What I am saying is we have now placed our program in a situation where we will have to scour the country to find one of the hardest type of player to find in order to have proper defensive personnel. This takes away from our in-state recruiting and our boarder state recruiting. However, under the 4-2-5 Georgia could be self-sufficient from in-state talent because there is enormous flexibility.
Most people don't really understand the 4-2-5 so they will google it and then post on here how the 4-2-5 "Is weak against the pro-style run and Big Unjuns flexeral bono." Erroneous! In case you missed the Rose Bowl last year TCU beat the prototype big set pro-style running team, Wiscaaannnsin. As far the Nerds go--I'll take Patterson over Big Unjun in a battle of wits any day.
The 4-2-5 is built on the one thing that we have in abundance down South...S-P-E-E-D!
Clayt Birmingham of the University of Wisconsin-Stout describes the 4-2-5 like this:
-It is a 4-3, 4-4 hybrid that allows for very easy formation and personnel adjustment for what ever offense it faces.
-It allots the defense superior blitz angles as well as superior angles to set the edge
-It is a gap control defense with the easiest defined run fits
-It allows for split coverage which allows the secondary to play as fast and aggressive as possible
-A coach may run the 4-3, 4-4, 3-4, and 3-3 with the exact same personnel. The coach may then align the defense to fit his strengths or to counter the offensive style.
Birmingham also notes that an over sized NT helps with this defense but unlike the 3-4 it is not a necessity. Birmingham also notes that the 4-2-5 allows you to get the most talented players on the field regardless of proto-type size:
-An over sized or stiff hip safety becomes a linebacker (Thomas Davis, Greg Blue)
-An over sized linebacker becomes an end (right now Ray Drew would fit that bill and could play his natural position as opposed to possibly being converted into a LB)
-Larger ends become DT's
Your 5'11 to 6'3 and 190 lbs to 225lb players with great speed (and we have these kids in spades right here in Georgia) are used in the most aggressive and disruptive manner possible.

If you don't believe me then why don't you ask the source........Phil Steele, son!
"Patterson had been an assistant under defensive coordinator, Dick Bumpas at Navy and hired the solid DC.......Bumpas was a Broyles Award finalist the last 3 years and had the #1 rated defense in the NCAA in all three years."

TCU Defense against the run:

2010- 100 yards per game- 3.3 yards per carry (this was on par to be like 2009 until they played Wisconsin, one of the most run heavy team around. The Badgers ran the ball but were held to 17 points)

2009- 80 per game- 2.6 pr carry

2008- 47 per game- 1.7 pr carry

Against the pass:

2010- 129 yards per game

2009- 159 pr game

2008- 171 pr game

Total Defense:

2010- 228 yards per game

2009-240 yrds pr game

2008- 218 yrds pr game

Naturally some of you will argue that TCU is not in the SEC and to that I will agree. However, TCU was nothing 11 years ago and Patterson didn't just build the program- He cleared the lot, dug the foundation, poured the foundation, framed the thing, built the house, and landscaped it. His success would be no different because while the competition would increase he would also have talent like TCU will never see.

Give this man $5.5 million per year and Bumpas $2 million and lets get this program on the right track. Lets play defense again!



  1. But but but we beat Hawaii in the Sugar bowl.

  2. Amen to that Brother! No more Bible school at UGA just hard nose football this aint no church

  3. Send Richt to Ohio State they need some bible school lessons and bring on Patterson.

  4. http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20080202231409/uncyclopedia/images/1/11/Beating-a-dead-horse.gif

  5. Very "Gatoresque" post with an armchair quarterback undertone. 5.5 mill is a lot of dinero for a mid major college coach. His future at Georgia would probably be no dif than Hawkins at Colorado. Another wanna be tryin' to sit at the big boy table.
    just sayin'

  6. -Athens Homer

    $5.5 is a small price to pay for wins.
    Patterson is totally differnet from Hawkins. Typical Pee-Pee Dawg response. Good thing LSU didn't listen to their fretters when they hired a guy who only "pretty good" from a Big Ten program about a decade ago.
    Patterson has actually turned down offers from the big boy table (Minnesota, Clempsun, K-State). All those places are hard to win at, lack exposure, and probably don't have the money to pay what he is worth.

    What does "Just sayin'" mean? Obvioulsy you said it or I wouldn't have read it. If you are "just" doing something that indicates that you think that I think you are doing multiple things and you need to verify that "saying" is the only thing you are doing. What else could you be doing by making a statement other than "saying" it?
    I assume you believe that this means you have under-cut my article in one single stroke and by including an unnecessary and obvious statement you have indicated to others reading this that your baseless comparison of two coaches is all that needs to be said to forever sweep away the idea that anyone is as good as Richt.
    How about this "Mark Richt...oh yeah like Brad Scott...No thanks I'd rather have someone who made their own way as opposed to swinging off of Bobby Bowdens scrote." See how that works...Richt and Scott I just used a single similarity to dismiss Richt as a fat useless turd when in fact he is not fat at all.

  7. I hope your campaign crashes and burns by, say, about September 10, and you guys are complete laughingstocks by about October 29!

  8. @CCRider (The term "See See Rider" is usually taken as synonymous with "easy rider." In particular, in blues songs it often refers to a woman who had liberal sexual views, had been married more than once, or was skilled at sex.)
    Are we cross? You know I just don't think I could stand it if I knew I had made you cross. You sound as if you might be someone I ran into after a concert or something. If I have offended please pardon...i promise next time I WILL call.
    just sayin'

    "just saying" from the urban dictionary -a term coined to be used at the end of something insulting or offensive to take the heat off you when you say it. Hang in there girlfriend.

  9. Ath Hmr Dawg

    What a difficult comment to counter.
    1. Respect for the Tombstone quote.
    2. Respect for the See-See Rider research.
    3. For shame in using anything with "urban" in the name as a resource. Urban usually means stupid.
    4. Almost but not quite respect for attempting to make a sly cutting comment, have it pointed out in a counter, and then going with the "oh are you mad" counter. We don't believe in being passive aggresive around here.
    5. A deduction of points for then attempting to make it seem as if the person who rejects your passive aggressive approach is in some way femine when passive agrresive tacts are one of the prime tools in. The female bag of tricks.

    For me CCRider is an abbreviation of the song and it is used because Elvis sang it and once he sings a song it is forever his.
    I don't dislike you just the Rict-O-Phile/Pee-Pee Dawg tactic of:
    A) demanding someone to replace Richt be named and then
    B) dismissing any candidate with bogus logic and non-sensical comparisons.
    Furthermore, I will assume that you would admit that,
    Bear Bryant
    Nick Saban
    Bill Belichick
    or maybe Urban Meyer would be better but those are all unattainable coaches. In essence you people have created a world in which Mark Richt is the 4th best living coach and the other 3 are either not leaving their job or we wouldn't hire them for their past job transgressions.
    Does that about sum it up? Not bad for a fat chick on her period, huh?

  10. Urban hardly means stupid. I used it here because you seemed unfamiliar with what the term "just sayin' " meant. So as a resource:urban dictionary-A veritable cornucopia of streetwise lingo, posted and defined by its readers. With regard to the Tombstone quote. One could say I was being "urbane" with you. Also, the Southern gentleman I quoted was always subtle and witty. To you "passive aggressive". Tomatoes-tomatoes.
    Jimmy sang "All Along the Watchtower" ....just because he sang it doesn't make it his. Ditto with Mr. Fried Banana and Peanut Butter sandwich. I personally like the Lead Belly version.
    I don't dislike you or the Eeyore Dawg elite- who probably never put on a jock and played(in the arena ;-) ). No shot there at you.
    So far I have only dismissed the mid major candidate and 5.5 million dollar price tag.
    "you people" (-5).
    I have nothing against fat chicks . Without them there would have been many Saturday mornings when I wouldn't have had someone to make my breakfast or get my laundry started.
    "There .... now we can be friends again."
    just sayin'

  11. Ath Hmr Dawg,

    Oh, AHD we were never not friends but we do have to jump when we see what we assume to be a Pee-Pee Dawg response. I see now based on your ability to quote Tombstone, knowledge of Lead Belly (we actually prefer the CCR rendition of Cotton Fields), and your admission of the undeniable truth that all have at one time or another partaken in the chunky gals- that you may infact be a Cold Blooded Sausage Maker yourself.

    I understand your concerns over TCU's level of competition. I would counter with the point that Patterson is not some coach who had quick success but has instead built a program from the ground up. He not an assistant but is someone with HC experience. A replacement for a man who at one point seemed destined for greatness but then lost his way is a difficult proposition. Of the guys who appear qualified as well as appear to be an upgrade we have a limited selection.
    Spurrier but of course we would never and he would never
    Meyer but of course we would never and he would never
    Saban while I am sure he would for $10 million a year we would never pay that
    Bobby P. I ain't sure he is even allowed in the State of Georgia
    In truth I think there are only four real candidates with HC experience:
    Dan Mullen
    Charlie Strong
    Gary Patterson
    Mike Leach
    So it depends on what you like. If you like offense then Mullen or Leach, if you like defense then Patterson, if you want to recruit the lights out then Strong. Also, if you want awesomeness Leach or Patterson.
    For me personally I would rank them as follows:
    1. Patterson
    2. Leach
    3. Strong
    4. Mullen

    We can agree to disagree on the "just sayin" deal my friend.

  12. Well, I hope we can be friends. I feel your angst..... yet I can't go against the grain. Makes for good off season rhetoric and I didn't read this until I posted on another of your threads. Nothin' personal.