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Monday, June 20, 2011

The Patterson to Georgia Campaign Stop Number 2- Are we Better Suited for the Spread?

I know what you are saying right now. Rider what about the promise/threat that Bobo will introduce some new element to this offense? Ahhh yes the mythical Unicorn Formation that we analyzed here back in December.

As far as me and mine go Bobo was done after calling 27 pass plays and 25 were screens.

If you read last weeks campaign stop we were making the point about the difference if the Pro game and the College game. The same is true on offense as it is on defense. In running the pro style you essentially hamper some players natural abilities and in turn prevent exposing mis-matches. Lets take Murray for example. He is 6'1 (maybe) and is an excellent scrambler. However, in the pro style he is actually too short and his scrambling can at times be detrimental. While he was great last year he could have actually been much better if operating from the shotgun and given the option to use his feet more. 6'4 240 lbs smart kids with rocket arms are not exactly a dime a dozen. In fact 6'2 230 "take it to the Lake" sex machines with rocket arms are not a dime a dozen either. I want you to think real real hard about this one. Before Stafford when was the last time Georgia had a sure fire NFL QB? Still thinking? So we are running an offense that depends on us finding a player that comes around about once every 15 to 20 years. Hmmmm sounds like or 3-4 NT problem all over again. However, if we ran the spread (as Gary Patterson does) then we can take advantage of smaller QB's, more athletic QB's with weaker arms, and brace yourself dumb kids who can't read coverage but can run the ball and throw it to wide open players (Sound familiar? Maybe a big cross eyed retarded son of an Atlanta Preacher Man).

Short for the NFL but from the Shotgun he could be even better than last year

The spread takes advantage of the natural speed that Georgia should be pulling from it's in-state talent. Remember we wanted Cam Newton as a TE and he ended up at Florida and then Auburn and they collectively have 3 National Titles in the Richt-era. We may have needed a major up-grade in strength but we have never been slow. Why are we running the Wisconsin offense when we have Southern speed.

Candidate Patterson would like to remind you of one thing:



  1. Oh God!

    We actually agree witht he AJC. I just threw-up in my mouth.


  2. CC,

    Please refrain on this Gary Patterson mancrush. Have you tried to watch this guy coach? He adjusts his pants more in one game than The Nature Boy has yelled "WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" in his entire life.

    Seriously, in the immortal words of Darryl Hall and John Oates, "I can't go for that... Noooo... no can do."

  3. MVD,

    Have you seen this man coach? He yells non-stop, sweats profusely, and the pant adjustment is most likely because the inseam of standard pants can't contain his enormous balls.
    He is my pick should the current regime need replacing in the near future but I am always open for suggestions on others. The problem with a guy like Mullen is I can't come up with enough material to write multiple stories about him to fill the summer football void.
    Respect the Nature Boy ref.

  4. I believe Mickey and Goofy did a similar analysis of the spread and the plan you’ve given everyone: a complete breakdown of their findings in between magical kingdom rides. I am not impressed

    Using a spread formation as part of a diverse offensive attack is a good idea. That being said.

    USC - Does not run the spread as their base offense
    Ohio St. - Does not run the spread as their base offense
    Michigan - Does not run the spread as their base offense
    LSU - Does not run the spread as their base offense
    Oklahoma - Does not run the spread as their base offense
    Texas - Does not run the spread as their base offense
    Auburn - Does not run the spread as their base offense
    Tennessee - Does not run the spread as their base offense
    Georgia - Does not run the spread as their base offense
    Miami - Does not run the spread as their base offense
    Notre Dame - Does not run the spread as their base offense

    That's what 11 or 12 teams nearly always in the top 15 or better year in and year out. But we should defer to the TCU exam--- TCU is the shinning example to refer to. Obviously there can be no other, as they hail from the most powerful of power conferences and posses such a long standing track record of a highly successful program.

    Give me a friggin’ break. Next moronic example please…Oh and then there is this:




    Ummm … you do realize that CC Ryder is a blues song…. Not a pop/country western song?

    No comparison.
    just sayin'

  5. Well regardless of what we the Bulldog nation think. If Mark Richt is replaced at seasons end one thing is for sure. The university will not pick who U or I think is the best possible replacement. No they will decide not paying top dollar for a proven head coach is the best decision in this situation and will go with a much less proven head coach or a first time head coach to keep cost down and nothing will improve. But while were in this fantasy world I myself like Patterson. Here's to watching the demise of the Mark Richt era. OH and always Go Dawgs!!!!!!

  6. -AHD

    Notre Dame
    Ohio St
    Dismissed because
    a) Meechigan, and Ohio St play in the dreadful Big 10 so their competition is sparse at best
    b) Chokelahoma only plays one real team a year, Texas and Texas only plays one real team a year Chokelahoma. The rest of the Big 12 was no idea how to play defense.
    c) when was the last time Miami won the ACC....the ACC? The ACC is dreadful and if they can't win there with the talent gap they have over every ACC team save FSU then their listing would only prove my point
    d) USC plays in the PAC-10 so they play NO ONE at all they play 9 teams that can't spell defense plus Notre Dame who is a joke. Don't try to throw the Johnny Come Lately, Oregon into the discussion.

    As for LSU, Tennessee,and Auburn
    a) Auburn does run the spread
    b) Have you noticed that the demise of Tennessee has coincided with the rise of the spread?
    c)LSU dominates the 5th largest talent producing state in the country their home state. The other four top states Florida, Texas, California, and Georgia are ravaged for their recruits by the rest of the country every year. The fact that Les Miles has won a National Title at LSU proves that you could run anything you want there and still win. Look at the kids they have put in the NFL in the past decade its unreal.

    Also, couldn't help but notice you left Florida off that list what with their 2 Nat Titles with the spread.

    - TCU at best pulls 3 star kids from Texas they are totally overshadowed by Texas, A&M, and Oklahoma.
    -It ain't 1928 we are a long way from Slingin Sammy Baugh. TCU has been a joke for at least 30 years.
    -The SEC is the most powerful of power confrences. Don't revert to your Pee-Pee Dawg tendancies and start down playing Georgia and the SEC as an excuse for our current mediocrity.

  7. CCR, I hate to break it to you, but the chances of Patterson coming to Athens are slim and none.

    He just got handed the keys to the kingdom - a chance to be the top dog in a weak-assed BCS conference. He's been building his whole career towards that and the payoff is coming next year. He's not walking away from that.

  8. Senator,
    Is it really that simple? FSU had a similar chance, and it led to what, 2 titles over 15 years? He's got things good at TCU, and I only assume those boys pay well regardless of not being the big daddy in state as the Pony Express stuff showed. But I like to think we can offer a whole helluva lot, and we'd at least be able to get Patterson to listen, if only to take the offer back to TCU and tell them "this is my new price tag or I'm gone".

    Personally, if it weren't for the Gator stuff, I'd go for Urban. He's worked with McGarity, is available, is well aware of the resources at his finger tips recruiting wise, etc, and can certainly build a championship winning program.

    As for Athens Homer, perhaps you need to pull your head from your rectum there bud.
    USC - Has noted offensive genius Lane Kiffin at the controls. That's a winner.
    Ohio St. - Terrell Pryor spent a lot of time in shotgun, and their lack of flexibility offensively (i.e. not effectively using a dumb but athletic freak at QB ala Malzahn and Mullen) was a well documented problem
    Michigan - Are you serious? Rich Rod damn sure did, I doubt Hoke will run the spread option, but I doubt he goes back to the Lloyd Carr offense soon
    LSU - New OC Steve Kragthorpe ran a spread at his past stops, it's safe to assume that's what Lester hired him to run
    Oklahoma - Actually, you'll see an awful lot of shotgun or 1 back in Oklahoma. They have a FB on the field maybe 25% of the plays Georgia does.
    Texas - See Colt McCoy in the shotgun as example A of what Aaron Murray should be doing. It's a spread.
    Auburn - If you can't see what Malzahn runs is a spread, there's no point in this discussion
    Tennessee - Is coached by a guy who couldn't win at La Tech
    Georgia - Is kind of the issue here, inapplicable
    Miami - Is a new staff, so you can't say what they'll run
    Notre Dame - Kelly runs a shotgun based spread passing attack

    So out of your entire list of 11 (not 11 or 12, it's 11, but I guess you had socks on at the time) 8 of the schools actually run some form of spread on a regular basis. But by all means, let's keep running what noted masterminds Lane Kiffin and Mike Bobo are running.

  9. You got a Senator hit.... kudos! Now if Bernie comes out pro bono in your behalf I will fold my tent.
    I'm not feelin' it.

    just sayin'!.


  10. The Just Upright Senator,

    It will take lots of money and you would have to assume that one could convince Patterson that to be the best he must test himself in the SEC. Also, I'm not so sure we don't get a hypo like this:
    #3 LSU gets beaten by #5 Florida early.
    LSU them beats #1 Alabama and goes to the SEC Title game where they then beat #1 Florida in a re-match. If you then have an undefeated USC and an undefeated TCU I'm not so sure an undefeated TCU gets the nod over LSU in that situation. We are getting to the point where even a one loss SEC champion is considered better than an undefeated Big East or even ACC champion.


    Not that we seek recognition for our work but... you may note that we have been linked by the Senator before and are linked by Bernieas we speak. In addition to that we have been featured in a Leather Helmet podcast with the afore-mentioned Bernie. All the while refusing to go mainstream or use spell check.

  11. Homer,

    Your "tent" is the one claiming Michigan, Auburn, and Notre Dame don't run a spread. Fold it if you want, or keep pulling on your pencil so it stays up. I couldn't care less.

    Go troll elsewhere. Just sayin'.

  12. Mr Sanchez... are you up next? Goodness, did you just take your ball and bat and order me home? Unbelievable. Is this your blog too? By all means be part of that "Fire Mark Richt" meme. Perhaps we can get on that circus like atmosphere they enjoy at UT. Five Coaches in as many years there. You just don't get it do ya! Well ban me... punt me ... "NO TROLLS" here. You really are a piece of work ... you know that?

  13. Yes, I am one of the people on this blog too. And if you had read, you'd realize my stance on Richt. But then again, that assumes you have enough sense to recognize that several of the schools you mentioned to argue against a spread style of offense use precisely that type of offense. You are an ignorant fool who are trying to argue the other side by making up crap as you go. Not a banning, but if you want to discuss this stuff with us, I suggest you at least understand what it is you're talking about before you start posting diarrhea.

  14. This started with CCR and I . You are new to me. I don't read here often. I don't know your stance on CMR. Just rereading your post I am not impressed. Sloppy and rude. I don't tolerate rude behavior in a man. I didn't start with you but if you must rescue your blog mate I'm up for it.
    just sayin'
    and since we are accepting of rude behavior....you or your boy SeeSee could'nt wear the Senators or Bernie's jock.
    We good?

  15. Now Senor Sanchez let's not run Homer Dawg off there may be a chance to reform him. Maybe we could encourage some bladder control exercises so as to avoid wetting every time someone suggests a replacement for Richt. Let's try to help him.
    Step 1 Homer Dawg- purchase Patton on blue ray or dvd and watch no less than 25 times.
    Step 2 try punishing yourself everytime you feel the need to pleasure yourself to thoughts of Richt.
    Step 3 read "Multiplicity but Simplicity" by Gary Patterson.

  16. If it came down to it, I'd rather have Mike Leach over Patterson.

  17. Plus he is a lot more fun than that Anonymous guy.

  18. Aaron,

    Baby steps son. We are just now easin' these Pee-Pee Dawgs into replacing Richt with a non-controversial candidate. Pee-Pee Dawgs Georgia wide would cause a bladder release flood at the thought of a controversial genius like Leach.

  19. well Okay then.... you guys started this. I'm up for it. No High School humor for me though.


  20. The rude behavior was when you disingenuously (and that's best case) mentioned less than a dozen teams followed by "Does not run the spread as their base offense" when more than half actually did run "the spread as their base", all but 3 use it as a large part of their offense, and one of which, Texas (when Colt McCoy was running the show), is a prime example on how a spread with Aaron Murray should look.

    We don't tolerate fools well around here, and you sir, have more than proven yourself one. Just sayin (although you might want to educate yourself on the proper use of that phrase as well as the multitude of variations on a "spread" style of offense).

  21. Homer Dawg

    We are not trying to be Bernie or the Senator. We are a humor based opinion site and have never claimed to be a breaking news site for UGA athletics.
    We miss spell wordz, have run on sentences, and use punctuation at random points.
    We give our opinion and that has gotten us banned on other sites in the past but we don't care what the main stream UGA bloggers and followers (or squares) say or think.
    We also enjoy a healthy round of insulting comments. We don't mean to hurt feelings but it happens. Especially when you name spread teams as non-spread teams.

  22. Guys, it will take a lot more money than you think. Patterson's already being paid like Richt(http://sports.espn.go.com/dallas/ncf/news/story?id=6000665) and he's got a contract that runs through 2018.

    And that's before TCU gets its share of Big East money. In other words, they're prepared to pay to keep him there.

    As for this chance to prove himself against the best, meh. Patterson badly wants a shot at a national title; if he thinks it's easier to get in the Big East, in the Big East he stays.

  23. Senator,

    I have no doubt that you are correct but a boy can dream can't he? TCU is in the cat bird seat no doubt especially with the fall out going on in W. Virginia.

    We can't just call for Richt's head without a viable replacement we have to have a plan. Like the Republicans we can't just say Obama doesn't know what he is doing we have to give options for the people to consider. We always have Richt-O-Philes and Pee-Pee Dawgs saing things like "Oh well who are we going to get Saban?" Patterson is one of a number of candidates that we like he is just my personal favorite.
    We also don't want change for the sake of change. I would rather have Richt than an unproven commodity. We really like Dan Mullen but it's hard to come up with material on Mullen (he is kind of a straight arrow) and Dawg Nation may not be quite ready for the inconvenient truth of the greatness that is Mike Leach.