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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Scheduling Boise State- We Keep Missing on the Simple Stuff




This or something like this has been popping up on Georgia message boards and blogs in reference to the kick-off against Boise St.

Now let me be 100% clear......I expect Georgia to beat Boise. I expect it because we are one of the top schools in the top conference in the land. I expect it because no matter how bad Georgia is and how good Boise is we should still be better. That being said this false sense of bravado that I am seeing and hearing everywhere is a classic example of people missing the Forrest for the tree in front of them.

There is no good reason to schedule this game....NONE!!!!!!!!

Yet so many Dawg fans are excited about it ( I can only assume it is because they are stupid). This anyone, anytime, anywhere battle cry is being adopted by by the four lesser sub-sets of Dawg Nation: Richt-O-Philes, Pee-Pee Dawgs, Disney Dawgs, and Holy Dawgs (see our original classification system). In fact- per the usual- the Cold Blooded Sausage Making faction of Dawg Nation stands alone in opposition to this ridiculous scheduling blunder.

Richt-o-Philes love this game because if the beloved fails to produce a win then they can say...

"Weeeeellllllll.....Boise is an elite program you know."

Disney Dawgs love it because "Hey man its just real cool that we get to play on TV man. You know not everyone gets to do that. I think that everyone really wins no matter what."

Holy Dawgs love it because " You know back when I was the starting fullback on my 8-man private school flag football team we never backed down from a challenge!"

Pee-Pee Dawgs love it because (no quotes here) they just want this game because the Sausage Makers don't want it. We don't want it because it is a lose-lose game. Pee-Pee Dawgs think our common sense approach is actually fear. If there is one thing Pee-Pee Dawgs know all about it is fear. So now they are walking around with their chests poked out talking about how they "ain't skeered of nobody."

When D'Amon "Panty-Raid" Evans got his walkin papers we were relieved. No more unqualified AD to fill a quota for a Southern school. When G-Mac got the job we were very relieved. A long time assistant at a successful program with Athens ties. G-Mac went straight to work undoing the scheduling retardation his predecessor left behind. In a very sound maneuver he got us out of a home and away with Oregon. We thought "Ok he gets the deal....he is going to be good for us." Then we were floored by this absurd Boise game. Like we said before, if Georgia wins they were supposed to win. If Bosie wins the Media will spooge all over themselves. The SEC will be done. Bosie will get a ticket straight to the title game. Bosie picked the worst SEC program with National street cred. Most people outside of the South will just think "Georgia.....didn't they win a National Title or something a few years ago? Oh I cant remember all I know is Boise is the best team in the universe because ESPN said so."

Let me shift gears and present this argument in a different light.

Georgia is the only legit team Bosie plays next year. If Boise wins the media will use this as an excuse to catapult Boise into the headlines and keep them there all year (especially since they can't spooge their pants over Ohio St. anymore). Boise will be relevant even when they play Upper Western Wyoming International A&M Beauty School. Beating Georgia will push them into the top two and if they win out they are National Title bound. If the SEC round-robin Russian roulette of a season leaves none undefeated-- and a lesser team like Wisconsin or W. Virginia wins out then you get Boise against a non-SEC team for the title. Boise would then have a real chance. If Boise wins then the BCS is broken. We would them move into a Super-Conference / Play-off World and who wins in that scenario? The Media namely ESPN. Television fuels sports and Super Conferences as well as a play-off would sent college football ratings into orbit.

However, for the SEC it means the meat-grinder that is the SEC season, a Conference title game, and then what will no doubt be a stacked bracket to prevent the SEC from always winning. You have to understand for the media's master plan to work the SEC must be broken. At this rate west coast/midwestern/southwestern/and yankee white people will keep trending harder to the NFL because why would they care---the champion is always from the South.

I said we are the only legit team that Boise plays. Think about this--Since 2000 the SEC has on average sent 40 players into the NFL via the draft and roughly 25 per year as UDFA. That means that in any given year the SEC has 65 players in uniform that will play in the NFL the next year. Not counting 5th year seniors you have four classes on the field at any time from freshmen to seniors. At 65 per year that means you have roughly 260 future NFL players in the SEC in any given year. That averages out to about 21 per team. Some like Vandy have fewer and some like us have more. Bosie will see more NFL talent in the Georgia Dome than they will see if you combine all their other games all year long. We on the other hand will see just as much talent the next week against South Carolina. Don't tell me Bosie isn't putting more on this game. Don't tell me that a "six win, depending on freshmen, under a coach who always has slow starting teams (remember SC in 07') with a conference opener the next week" team wasn't hand picked for Boise.

The SEC's conference schedule is harder than anyone else by about 100 fold. The media and other conferences always complain about our non-conf. schedules....................uuuhhhhhhhhhh yeah because they want the SEC to cancel itself out so they can have an SEC free national title game. Here is a definitive list of acceptable non-conf. opponents for Georgia or any SEC school to schedule:

Tulane, ULALA, LA-Monroe, LA Tech, Southern, Grambling, Ark. St., Alcorn St., Miss. Valley St., So. Miss., Memphis, Mid Tennessee St., UAB, Troy, Alabama A&M, W. Kentucky, Georgia St., Georgia So., S.C. St., N.C. A&T, Duke, E. Carolina, FL. Inter., FL Atlantic, Florida A&M, UCF (well maybe not UCF for us).

Any deviation from this means your AD is stupid. The South has everything you need to win- tons of talent and tons of cupcakes. We don't need the money we need the wins!

Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere.........ask Napoleon how Russia in the winter worked out for him. Ask the Romas how Trebia, Lake Trasimene, and Canne against Hannibal worked out for them. Ask every Union General not named Grant how that attitude worked out for them against Robert E. Lee. In The Art of War Sun Tzu tells us to:

-know thy enemy

-know the land on which you will fight

-always be the one who chooses when to give battle

Do you know who is famous for saying "Anyone, anytime, anywhere"? Well do you know? I will tell you...you don't and do you know why? Because that moron got beat by Sun Tzu.


  1. You jerk! Now they know we are coming. Now it will be hard on the first series to blow a hocker through their earhole then have them run around in little circles asking who implanted the horseshoe on their foreheads. We won't get to the eyes unless we have to. after halftime we can lead their head cheerleader around with one of Uga's spike collars. Put a bridle on the rest of them mares. Also, no one gives their mascot a disease. Do they make horse condoms? There was a guy down in Fl who ...Nah!..don't think he ever used a condom, no matter the animal. Remember buggery is not a bad word when it's done in Atlanta.

    Who is their heroic figure standing in the sunset...Horseflyer? If a player loses a shoe during the game , do little horse ferriers come out and put'em back on? Tell'em that they have to clean up all their pome de rue after it's knocked out during the game. A player at FU takes care of that just before he hits the field. You could call it football preventive maintenance.

    They're nothing but uncanned dog food to us.

  2. You racist Prick!!! Anyone with any common sense can catch on to why you said Damon Evans was unqualified. Just filling a quota ha? They need to ban your ass from the site pemanently!!!

  3. Anon 8:00
    How do you know that I am not black?
    Maybe I am and therefore would legally be unable to be a racist. I mean how do you not know that I is black.
    I wasn't hiding anything. Evans got the job because he is a minority because quotas exist. If the world was color blind Charlie Strong would be the HC at Florida. I didn't say "no black is qualified to be an AD." I don't think Evans was qualified but his skin helped him. Also the point is that our white AD is making the same mistakes.
    No nutritionist on staff + AZ St. + OK St.+Colorado= failure of the AD to schedule in a way that gives us the best chance to win.
    Great job on being a Disney Dawg or Pee-Pee Dawg or Richt-O-Phile with no answer to good logic so you key in on one point, don't get that point, and call us racists. Id bet money you are a white cracker who uses terms like racist on anonymous blog comments just before leaving out for a Klan rally yourself.
    Oh no Anon thinks I am a racist how will I sleep tonight.

  4. He only became unqualified when he got caught up! Was he qualified when we were winning 10 games a year? Last time I checked the Head coach had the authority to hire a nutritionist. All those games scheduled were games that we could win. You love to sneak in your sneaky racist political remarks instead of sticking to sports. As I said before, I hope they ban your ass from site permanently! I agree with the first guy you are a true JERK! I wonder if you have the guts to tell D.Evans or any other minority they are unqualified face to face. JERK!

  5. Anon

    You are trying to paint me in an incorrect light. I wasn't being sneaky at all, I just said it. There was nothing hidden about it captain PC. Let me show you how the you're a racist game works.
    You are a racist. What do you mean you wonder if I would tell D.Evans or any other minority they are unqualified. You assume all minorities are qualified by making that statement. That is a sweeping generalization of a racial group and therefore racist. It is also racist because you assume I am white and wouldn't say this to a minority because I am afraid. Afraid of what? Are all white people afraid? That is racist to think that. Is it that all minorities (esp blacks since we are talking about a black man) react to adversity with violence and it is the violence that I fear? That is racist. Would I cower just because a black person threatenes violence? Are all blacks better at violence than whites? That is racist. You see you are actually the racist not me.

  6. How do you feel about playing Clemson then you racist pussy?

  7. Also I believe the actual phrase is
    "Caught a charge" not "got caught up"

    Oops, is that racist? I'm not sure since you're the expert. I mean I am white, right. So am I not allowed to use Southern black slang like caught a charge, right? I wonder if I would say caught a charge in frony of a black person? They might react violently.

  8. BP

    I been missing you player (oh sorry I don't think I can use player being a honky and all).

    Clempsun ain't on the list so no. Georgia gets 3 sure wins a year take em. So long as Richt is around its only 3 because we have lost to Vandy once with Richt already.

  9. Rider, I love you!

    What does "ban your ass from site" mean? Isn't this your blog? You are the author, right?

    Sounds like Anon is definitely a pee-pee phile - crying biotch that will send a boo-hoo email to Dawgbone asking for additional sanctions.

    Anon - you're a dick!

  10. Exactly.

    We accomplish nothing by beat Boise State.


  11. Anon at 8:57...
    "He only became unqualified when he got caught up! Was he qualified when we were winning 10 games a year? Last time I checked the Head coach had the authority to hire a nutritionist."

    So now Damon Evans is responsible for those 10 win seasons? I thought Mark Richt was responsible for those, that's what we keep getting told on why he should be kept around, because he won games over Mike Shula, Rich Brooks, Houston Nutt and Phil Fulmer. But Evans was responsible for those 2 SEC Titles? Got it.

    On the last sentence there, a head coach can hire a nutritionist, but the AD has to approve the hire and allow for the funds to pay the hire. That's where Evans came in to play, and his penny pinching ways prohibited that.

    And when was Evans unqualified, let's see: he was Michael Adams' bitch who did what Adams wanted, when he wanted, and made sure the AA turned record profits which could be given back to El Presidente by his holding every nickel no matter what return it could bring (see above). He was never qualified, and only got the job because he'd a) do what Adams told him to do, and b) make Adams look good for when he tried to land the NCAA's top gig after Brand. If a and b = qualified to you, so be it. I want an AD who has a little more going for him than making Adams look good.

  12. Can't we all just get along?

  13. Anon @ 1:37,
    Our tolerance of fools is pretty low around here.

  14. A friend just directed me here because of the Clemson post... I ended up reading this post, and I'm at a loss. What's a Pee-pee Dawg?

  15. -Anon @7:13 6/11

    If you will click the link at the beginning (original classification system) you will see our total breakdown of all elements of DawgNation.

    A Pee-Pee Dawg is someone who thinks that one of the richest schools in the most powerful conf in the world couldn't pull in a top notch coach like say........Gary Patterson.