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Thursday, June 9, 2011

UGA fans should now be Texas Rangers fans

considering age and home location, we here at S&G are first and foremost fans of the Atlanta Braves when it comes to Major League Baseball. But the last couple days may be changing that a bit, and while we still love our Bravos, we're now big time Texas Rangers fans as well. Moves like this require a new word for classy. The link explains why, as the organization spent a lower round draft pick on partially paralyzed, former Georgia OF Jonathon Taylor. Amazing move by that organization, and it's good to read that Taylor's rehab is going well. GATA JT.


  1. I've loved Nolan Ryan since I was a kid, especially when he kicked the crap out of Robin Ventura. This move makes me like him even more. What a class act!

  2. Agreed on Ryan beating Ventura, we always loved that fight.