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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

2011 SEC Pre-Season Down Play by the Media

Shortly after LSU thumped Ohio State for the National Title (the 2nd SEC team in a row to do so) ESPN was able to get their College Football expert, Herbskreet, to discuss SEC superiority. Amidst fighting back tears Herbie made a declaration that has slowly become the new anthem for all conferences not named the SEC. The idea is that the SEC dominates because they have elite talent at the DT position. Now that is true. The problem with that reasoning however, is that it fails to mention that the SEC has superior talent at every position. I have heard this DT theory multiple times in the the off season. I have also heard another statement....one that ESPN has been trying to put out there since shortly after the Florida thrashing of tOSU....that the SEC is QB poor.
This is problematic on both ends because since 06' SEC QB's are blow for blow in the 1st round of the NFL draft and SEC DT's are not getting snapped up at a disproportionately high rate.

1st round QB's since 06'
SEC- 5
B.12- 4
P.10- 3
ACC- 2
NAQ- 2
Of These the following have had the first QB taken in the draft.
SEC- 3
B.12- 2
ACC- 1
Of those the 3 SEC and 2 Big 12 were the #1 overall pick.
In fact since 1998 (the BCS era) the QB's have gone in the 1st round like this:
SEC- 10 -- Six of those were the 1st QB taken and also the 1st overall player taken.
P.10- 9
NAQ- 8
ACC- 4
B.12- 4
B.Est- 1
B.10- 0
In addition too being QB poor remember the SEC dominates the scene in DT's--here they are in the 1st round since 06'.
1st round DT's since 06'
SEC- 6 -- 2 of those were the first DT taken
B.12- 5 -- 1 of those were the first taken
ACC- 4 -- 1 was taken first
P.10- 3 -- 1 was taken first
B.10- 2 -- none taken first
B.Est- 1 -- 1 was taken first
NAQ- o

Why don't we revise our theory ESPN. Here is one for you.

"The SEC is just better and deeper at every position."

Maybe not every year and maybe not at every position but on average this is true especially the "deeper" part.
You also have to remember the SEC is compared to five other AQ conferences; so while one conference may be better than the SEC at one position in one year that is an outlier. The reason this is an outlier is because that Conference will not sustain that level of talent every year at that position.
If the SEC on average is not the most talented at every position every year they are at least the 2nd most talented. I remember when the ACC sent something like 52 players in the Draft back in 06'. That was an outlier because that Conference has yet to recover from that draft both on the field and in their NFL player production. On the other hand the SEC sent the second most players in that draft and did not miss a beat in terms of on field performance and production of players to the NFL.


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