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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Athletic Department; Internal Affairs

Our favorite Division 1 compliance department employee has been discussing the impact of recent NCAA announcements and it's potential impact on future compliance departments in major college athletics. Essentially, he proposes that the NCAA is wanting compliance departments to know encompass a kind of Internal Affairs division from countless of your favorite cop movies.

His proposal in summary is that
The answer seems simple ... the compliance office has to break apart ...other functions like eligibility, interpretations, and waivers would be handled by one or more different offices, all reporting to the athletic director. The enforcement office would monitor the rest of what was the compliance office just like it monitors the coaching staffs. Watchers watching the watchers if you will.
For Southerners, it's requiring a change in cultures as much as anything, where schools like Tennessee, Florida, and countless others have had a let the boys be boys so long as they win style permeating not just through athletic departments but through local law enforcement and prosecutors. To become much more proactive in enforcement would be, at least initially, a massive shock to the system and could be a very painful, long term adaptation process. It certainly would be difficult for Auburn, where Gene Chizik is letting the investigators get the best of him and they seem willing to jab a stick in the eye of the angering bear (see the name Paul Parker, who just got blasted in the Tech sanctions).

Now these three brain-damaged people have the nerve to looked surprised!