Da' Dream Makin' Cold Blooded Sausage


Saturday, July 16, 2011

But CC, all your negativity is killing recruiting!

Richt can't get kids with all y'all talking bad about him!


  1. Well, you ruined DawgNight. Just think how good it would have been if you hadn't spread poison all over the Internet.

  2. It amazes me ec that intelligent adults can think anything this blog does or says has any impact on recruiting whatsoever. Especially compared to coaches, a kids' parents or advisors or high school coaches, their potential new teammates, mama and daddy, etc. But yeah, it's us cold blooded sausage makers that'll make or break Richt and the signing classes.

  3. Thankfully your blog is such a dumpster fire that none of our recruits read it. You seem to want it both ways. You boys are very concerned about getting your opinion out and influencing others about that incredible mediocrity of CMR but you want to turn around and at the same time say you have no influence on anybody potentially joining the program. Who do you want to influence? Just the 40 year old Richtophile that obviously has his head screwed on the wrong way? Good thing Stanley Williams doesn't read this garbage or surely he wouldn't expect Richt to be around when he makes it to campus.

  4. We are an opinion blog like so many others. We share are opinion about things, like so many other blogs.

    If you want to understand what I'm getting at burt, it's simply this. Last year was s&g's debutante season on this here bloggingsphere. Some people didn't like what we said, to the extent they emailed other Georgia websites that they were hurting the Georgia program by linking to our site. That by giving us any sort of credibilty or linkage, they were killing Richt's poor ol' recruiting class and attempt at a "Dream Team".

    In our opinion, such assertions of us impacting a recruit's decision were grounds for removal from the gene pool by reason of stupidity and to avoid wasting valuable resources best served on the rest of us. We have that opinion for some, among many, of the reasons I said above. So we expressed that opinion as it's consistent with our modus operandi.

    But as I was saying, we were accused of damaging Georgia's recruiting. Really? Cause S&G debuts on the interwebedia, and Richt lands the Dream Team. We have our biggest week ever, and Dawg Night is a massive success. You know, I'm beginning to think there's a correlation between our success and Georgia's. We just might be on to some devious cold-blooded goat sausage making over here.

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  6. Hello Burt,

    Thanks for stopping by and contributing to our blog. It has been pointed out to me that my comments can at times seem abrasive. Please do not take this that way. This is our first venture into blogging (an obvious point considering we are using blogspot which is turrible). I lose track of the fact that for some this is their first time on our site or they may have never read any comment threads before. This is the sort of thing that we have covered many times before, but I am happy to review it again.
    1. We have never claimed any influence over anything. If you think we have you are either mistaken because you made a leap in logic based on the feelings you experience when confronted by ideas that challenge a deep held personal belief of yours; or you failed to grasp some obvious sarcasm on our part.
    2. If any sentiment of displeasure with Richt is gaining a foothold in Dawg Nation it is because of 3 years of decline + the fact that as the SEC continues on this unprecedented run of championships the magnifing glass on the 8 programs not winning it all begins to magnify + the repeated failures in regards to offensive line recruitment and development + the continuous failures to identify assistants and the refusal to fire them. In a nutshell when you are complacent and arrogant based on past success and are failing in the present people will eventually ask questions.

    If we are the only people with a blog covering UGA athletics who are making these points without any sugar coating.....well I can understand why we shock the senses.

  7. You're missing my point. If you set up a blog to yell through the megaphone from the street corner, you were obviously hoping to get your opinion out in order that others would agree with you or you could influence them to agree with you. This is obvious from your reaction and name calling to anyone that doesn't agree with you. You want to have an influence or you wouldn't be doing this. You want to be right. Fortunately, the writing and one trick pony opinion here prevent this blog from having enough readers that Stanley William's coach, advisor, parent stumble on here and think that the majority of the Dawgnation feels this way. Please don't get better at writing, because I feel confident that,despite your attempt to have an influence on others, the megaphone is being heard in the woods by a bunch of crickets and squirrels.

  8. Burt,
    I did in fact miss the point and for that I am sorry.
    I thought you were saying that we believe our opinion matters. You were saying we want our opinion to matter and that is true.
    As far as the writing goes......well as I understand a symptom of my ADHD is skipping over words when I write. In addition blogspot offers little in the way editing other than a woefully inadequate spell check. If the humor is not to your liking I am very sorry, we either have different senses of humor or your Richt-O-Phillia is in the advanced stages and you are sent into a blinding rage at any negative mention of Richt.
    Now I am not name calling but I do think that you may have little or no understanding of how recruiting goes. You see in very broad terms there are 2 types of recruits, Saturday recruits, and Sunday recruits depending on which day of the week marks the highest level of competition they will ever see.
    Now Sat recruits are most likely coming here no matter what because they grew up dreaming of strapping on those 2 black G's. Sun recruits are coming here for one of two reasons:
    A) what can you do for them right now (C.Newton), and
    B) what can you do to further my career (see P.Manning and Tenn over Ole Miss).
    Now do we "DO" for type A players? Of course everyone down here does. Type B players consider a lot of things but I can assure you a humor blog is not one of those things.
    When you hear a kid say something like "there was too much negativity around that program." That is code for either "they were not the highest bidder" or "I think the pros are paying more attention to Alabama right now"
    Also, you may be a little insulated in your bloggery.....trust me when I tell you other than Vandy every SEC program has multiple blogs just like us.

  9. I'm not in any way saying you have an influence on recruiting. Of course you don't. I am saying that is disingenuous of you to scoff at the notion that others put forth that you have an influence on recruiting when your goal of the blog is to have an influence. You do not rattle of Richt stats ad nauseum to make yourself feel better. You do it to convince others of your point of view. Your belief that you do not have an effect on recruiting is not based in humility. What is disingenuous of you is simultaneously desiring to influence the fan base into thinking Richt has to go while scoffing at the notion that you could influence anything else. I am sure you would relish in the notion that somehow your blog got the fan base so heated up by your convincing point of view that we get rid of Richt and hire Gary Patterson. You are simultaneously scoffing at the notion of having an influence while attempting to have one. Is it just selective influence you want to have?

  10. CC: We can't wait. I don't care what Richt says about recruits, he's gonna kill the G, that's it. That's the problem with him. We gotta get Richt. They wanna have a meeting with me, right? It will be me, Bobo, and Richt. Let's set the meeting. Get our informers to find out where it's gonna be held. Now, we insist it's a public place, a coaching clinic, a high school game, some place where there's people, so they feel safe. They're gonna search me when I first meet them, right? So I can't have a weapon on me then. But if Sam Diesel can figure a way to have a weapon planted there for me, then I'll kill 'em both.
    Sanchez: Hey, whatcha gonna do, nice country boy, huh? Didn't want to get mixed up in the Family business, huh? Now you wanna gun down a head coach 'cause he turned your program back to mediocre? What do you think this is? The newspapers, where you make veiled jabs from behind a desk? You've gotta get up close like this and bada-bing, you blow their brains all over your nice overalls!
    CC: Sanchez…
    Sanchez: You're taking this very personal. Sam, this is business and this man is taking it very personal.
    CC: Where does it say that you can't kill a coach? I'm talking about a coach that's mixed up in bad playcalling. I'm talking about a complacent coach and a comfortable coach who forgot it's a business and not house of friends and got what was coming to him. That'd make a helluva story. Now, we got people in the blogs, right, Sam? They might like a story like that.
    Diesel: They might; they just might.
    CC: It's not personal, Sanchez. It's strictly business.

  11. Well boys the jig is and the word is out. Liquify the assets and burn the hardrives, Burt figured us out. It was a good ride but superior deduction skills did us in. I just wonder how one man was able to figure out that an opinion blog wishes to spread its ........"OPINION".
    I thought that by carefully masking that this is an opinion blog by encoding it with cryptic messages such as "We are an opinion blog" would have been enough to befuddle even the most battle tested gumshoes. Was there more we could have done? No, I won't torture myself with "ifs and buts"

  12. Funny, if only this dump of a blog had that power. You're still not getting it morons. I'll keep it simple so maybe you'll have a chance to get it. You cannot simultaneously try to convince others that you're right while laughing at the notion that you're convincing others that you're right. Ultimately, you end up laughing at yourself.Get it idiots?

  13. Yeah, we got what you were trying to say the entire time Burt. It's not that complicated. Misguided, and a massive overgeneralization, but not complicated. The thing is, you seem to be having trouble comprehending that we're claiming a lack of influence over RECRUITS specifically here, as well as the powers that be in the Athletic Association. We have opinions about things, and instead of bottling them up, we express those opinions. Get that, dipshift?