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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Is it the shoes? It's gotta be the shoes

We assume you all follow rivals, scout, or both, so we all know Friday night was a helluva night recruiting wise. We need big time OL, and landed the best around. That's a welcome sight. We also landed a kid who may be a long way off, but looks all Dawg (h/t to Chad Simmons' twitter).

The reports of Williams running a 4.28 are about as realistic as us having a 260lb DE/OLB running the same thing, or a walk-on also in the 4.2s (rarefied air where little more than the likes of an Usain Bolt, Deion Sanders and Chris Johnson reside and even then only in their primes), but whether he runs a 4.3 or not (he's 16, so yeah, we're going with not) the kid can obviously fly and has plenty of room to get bigger, better, faster.

But as big time as Williams and Theus seem to be, we're most excited about one Brice Ramsey. Now, he's a ways off ala Williams, as a 2013 kid won't be on campus for 18-24 months. But the kid has all the throws, touch, arm strength, etc, and is hyped up like Stafford, Matt Barkley, etc. But even better than his QB ability seems to be a Pied Piper quality about the kid. You see, with Ramsey comes arguably the best SC has to offer in 2013, and a physical superfreak who may be the best Florida has to offer in 2013 too. To the best of our knowledge, Ramsey never went to HS with either. Yulee is just across the state line from Camden County, but Goose Creek is a long way from both. Yet somehow Terry "and Brice have wanted to play together for a long time." Henry has said similar things. That speaks volumes about not just the type of QB Ramsey is that Terry found who he wants feeding him passes, but that the kid can have such a cult of personality to bring about that sort of bond off what we assume is little more than attending a few of the same camps coming up. As Gentry Estes indicates in that last linked article, having these 3 is a huge deal not just because of their talent, but because of the impact they can have bringing other elite players the program covets (and let's just hope, like Stanley Williams, Ramsey is as attached to the program as he is the coach).

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