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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lets Keep It Classy On Other Georgia Blogs, Son.

I read many of the other Georgia Blogs.
I like the Senator,
I like Bernie,
I like Corbin,
I like T K King, and
I love ECDawg.
In fact there are a number of blogs that I usually disagree with but I still read and enjoy like-- A Bulldog in Exile (now out of exile), This Dawgs View, and others. While we disagree those guys do listen and understand different points of view.
What I have an extremely low tolerance of is the canned defenses for Richt, people who have no sense of humor, and the wasting space on our blog to argue about an issue that is irrelevant to the conversation. What is unacceptable however, is wasting the space of other blogger's sites to spew your fantasy world hatred of anyone who dares to question your beloved. T. Kyle King decided to take a logical yet horribly flawed approach to challenging some of our opinions. What he got in return was the usual inmates over here taking their insatiable blood lust-defense of Richt over there. The fine, upstanding, and yes TKK "mainstream" readers of the Georgia SB Nation blog probably do not care to be subjected to that crap.

We are a humor/opinion blog.

Are we a shock jock blog? Well not in our minds. We just put what we think and if that is a little Cold Blooded well........in football terms we are heartless. We just want them win, baby.

If we take a jab at Southern Black Culture that doesn't mean we are racist. If you actually read this blog instead of linking from a link site then you would see that we make fun of just about everything (save Gary Patterson because we don't want a midnight punch to the man-purse via Mr. Dick Bumpas).

We are not Anti-Christian we just fail to see how that qualifies you to keep a job you are failing at.

We are not anti-being nice to players we just expect them to have their faces eaten by at least one Coach on the staff.

We are not, and you may find this hard to believe, but we are not Anti-Richt. We just fail to see how three years of decline, hiring and refusing to fire bad assistants, failure to produce a consistent level of depth and talent on the O-line when you are an offensive minded coach and you operate in the 4th largest talent producing State in the country, and the overall lack of understanding that nutrition and strength and conditioning are essential elements to success--makes you the best choice to coach the Georgia Bulldogs.

What we are Anti is anti-accepting of mediocrity.

Georgia has all the tools necessary to be a perennial contender for the National Title, but we are not. We have all the tools to beat Florida at least on a 50% clip, and yet we do not.
If we do or do not "like" someone as a person that is irrelevant to if that person should maintain a job that he is failing at.

If you want to insult us that is fine. If you want to use the same old tired approach of calling us some horrible thing because you wish to marginalize us and our opinion that is fine. We will dismiss you for that. If you wish to back that with some legitimate argument other than we won an SEC title six years ago then please do.

Otherwise keep what non-sensical reasoning you have created in your mind to dismiss our very real questions to yourself as you sleep beside your life-size cut out of Mark Richt every night. More importantly keep your insults on our blog. Mr. Sanchez contributes to other bloggers at their request. I myself have contributed to other blogger's pod-casts. For the most part I stay right here quivering with anticipation of the great revelation as to why Richt should be kept. We the Dark Lords of the Evil Empire enjoy your comments and self-proclamations of weakness. It fits the niche of our site. It does not belong on more reputable sites.

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